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Chapter 1721: Chapter 1721: Fang Xiao is pregnant


A child?

Qiu Yitang and Zheng Zihao were both shocked, thinking that their ears had misheard.

Therefore, Zheng Zihao hurriedly said, “well, doctor, I haven’t seen Fang Xiao for a few years. Today is the first time we met. I didn’t know that she was pregnant, and I didn’t hit her. It was… ”

Zheng Zihao pointed at Qiu Yitang and said, “he slapped her and then pushed her down. I don’t know what relationship he has with Fang Xiao. ”

Qiu Yitang couldn’t care less about the relationship between Zheng Zihao and Fang Xiao. He hurriedly asked the doctor, “you can’t be mistaken, right? How could she… How could she be pregnant? ”

“I have to ask you men? ” The obstetrician and gynecologist had obviously been bullied by men before, so his tone was very bad. He immediately stuffed the receipt in Zheng Zihao’s hand He said coldly, “hurry up and pay the bill. I don’t know if she can keep the baby in her belly. ”

Zheng Zihao did not ask any more questions after hearing what the doctor said. He took the receipt and turned to walk towards the payment window. He did not expect Qiu Yitang to reach out and grab the receipt in his hand.

Qiu Yitang held the receipt in his hand and looked at the female doctor. “Well, Doctor, I beg you, don’t keep the child. Just perform an artificial abortion on her. ”

“What? ” The female doctor and Zheng Zihao were shocked when they heard this. They could not help but stare at him with wide eyes.

“Qiu Yitang, are you still a man? ” Zheng Zihao immediately flew into a rage. He could not help but glare at him angrily. “What right do you have to speak for Fang Xiao? Who are you to her? What right do you have to kill the child in her belly? ”

“Fang Xiao is my fianc��e. ” A complicated expression appeared on Qiu Yitang’s face. He looked at Zheng Zihao and said coldly, “I don’t have the right to speak for the child in her belly. Don’t tell me you have the right to speak for her, young Master Zheng? ”

“Fang Xiao is your fianc��e? ” This time, it was Zheng Zihao’s turn to be shocked However, after a short moment of shock, there was an overwhelming anger. “Since Fang Xiao is your fianc��e, then the child in her belly is naturally your child. Then why did you slap Fang Xiao just now for a woman “You even pushed her down. Could it be that that woman is also your fianc��e? ”

“This is my own matter. Young Master Zheng, what right do you have to meddle in my private affairs? ” Qiu Yitang’s voice instantly turned cold. It was obvious that he was dissatisfied with Zheng Zihao’s meddling.

He indeed did not know that Fang Xiao was pregnant. Of course, the child in Fang Xiao’s stomach was not his, Qiu Yitang’s. If it was, he would not have let the doctor do it. No matter how bad Qiu Yitang was.. He was not cold-blooded enough to kill his own child with his own hands.

The child in Fang Xiao’s stomach was not his, but it had something to do with him. That night’s erotic photo scandal, although he did not personally design it, he knew what Du Caiwei had done, and he actually did not stop her at that time He even acquiesced to Du Caiwei’s actions.

He did not know whose child Fang Xiao was pregnant with. Because of the three vagrants that night, he thought that Fang Xiao definitely did not know that he was pregnant. If she knew, she would not have chosen to have this child.

“I do not want to participate in young master Qiu’s private affairs, ” Zheng Zihao said with a cold face. “However, if someone wants to bully Fang Xiao, I will definitely not let that person go. Fang Xiao is my friend. I will not allow anyone to bully my friend. ”