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Chapter 1718: Chapter 1718, what was the situation


“Let go of your hand! ” Qiu Yitang quickly pushed Fang Xiao’s hand away and looked at her with a pair of eyes that were so angry that they were about to kill someone. He knew that Fang Xiao was a vicious woman, but he did not expect her to be so vicious.

A month ago, when she came to borrow money, she threw the banana peel on the ground and let Cai Wei fall. Fortunately, it was not serious that time. Cai Wei only saw a little bit of red, but the child was saved.

However, he never expected to see Fang Xiao again tonight, and even more unexpectedly, she actually found a washroom to do it. was she not willing to kill his Cai Wei?

“It wasn’t me… I was just… ” Fang Xiao opened her mouth instinctively, wanting to explain to Qiu Yitang what had happened between her and Du Caiwei …

“PA! ” The crisp sound of a slap echoed in the fire stairs beside the washroom. Qiu Yitang, who was in a rage, used all his strength, as if he had an irreconcilable enmity with Fang Xiao.

Fang Xiao had never set up any defenses against Qiu Yitang, so Qiu Yitang’s slap caused her to shake a few times. In the end, she could not hold on to something that could stabilize her body because her hands were waving a few times Then, she rolled straight down the other side of the stairs.

“Fang Xiao, if anything happens to the child in Cai Wei’s stomach, I will never forgive you! ” Qiu Yitang growled. Then, he picked up du Caiwei and quickly ran toward the door. As for Fang Xiao, who had rolled down the stairs.. He did not look at her.

“Fang Xiao, Fang Xiao… ” Zheng Zihao was stunned for a moment before he reacted He quickly ran down the stairs. When he saw Fang Xiao, who had fainted at the corner of the stairs, he called out softly twice, but there was no response. Therefore, he did not care much and carried Fang Xiao Horizontally. Then, he quickly ran toward his car.

Zheng Zihao’s car was parked next to Dongfang Yunheng’s car, so when he carried Fang Xiao Out, Wu Jianping happened to see him. He could not help but ask, “what happened? ”

“She fainted. I’ll send her to the hospital, ” Zheng Zihao replied and placed Fang Xiao in the back of his car. When he closed the car door, he realized that his hands were covered in blood. He could not help but be shocked.

Fang Xiao was wearing a black business suit. When he carried her up just now, he did not notice it at all. Now that her hands were covered in blood, could it be that she had her period when she fell?

Zheng Zihao didn’t have time to think about it. Fang Xiao had already passed out. It was impossible for him to ask her what had happened, so he quickly got into the car and drove to the nearest hospital.

Wu Jianping saw Zheng Zihao’s car drive far away. He was standing about a meter away from Zheng Zihao just now, but he still felt that there seemed to be something red on Zheng Zihao’s hand when he closed the back door.

Something red, could it be blood Wu Jianping was shocked when he thought of this. Fang Xiao went in with Dongfang Yunheng to take care of Dongfang Yunheng, so how could she have passed out And… Bleeding ? ?

He couldn’t help but feel nervous when he thought of this. Fang Xiao had just been murdered a few days ago. Although the idiot didn’t die and Dongfang Yunheng had offered 500,000 yuan in compensation to reconcile with the idiot’s mother, it was still a matter that she had caused.

Then what was her situation tonight Also, why was the person who carried her out not Dongfang Yunheng but Zheng Zihao What was her relationship with Zheng Zihao?