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Chapter 1717: Chapter 1717, what happened


“What else can we discuss? ” Fang Xiao looked at her coldly and said sarcastically, “Miss Du, if you have something to discuss, you should look for Qiu Yitang, not me. ”

After saying this, Fang Xiao raised her head and walked past du Caiwei. She was ready to go back to the backyard of leisurely residence to sit for a while and wait for the banquet to end quietly.

However, she had just taken two steps when Du Caiwei caught up with her. She grabbed her arm and said with a worried but pitiful look, “Xiao Xiao, don’t go yet. I have something to beg you. ”

“Beg me? ” Fang Xiao wondered if the sun had risen from the West today.

Who Was Du Caiwei The Popular Person Beside Qiu Yitang now wore a necklace passed down from the Qiu family to his daughter-in-law on his neck. The Future Young Madam of the Qiu family would actually beg her, the ex-fianc��e who had been abandoned by Qiu Yitang?

“Xiao Xiao, although you and Yitang have separated, your engagement has not been broken off. Yitang can’t marry me yet, ” Du Caiwei hurriedly said Then, she begged in a low voice, “Xiaoxiao, old Madam Qiu has always liked you. Why don’t you go back to the Qiu family and plead with old Madam Qiu for me, saying that you’re willing to break off the engagement with Yitang… ”

“In your dreams! ” Fang Xiao finally couldn’t take it anymore and let out a low growl. Then, she forcefully pulled her arm that was grabbed by Du Caiwei, but she just couldn’t move it

So, she was so frustrated that she couldn’t help but forcefully throw it away. In fact, she just wanted to shake off du Caiwei’s hand and leave this place as soon as possible.

However, the bathroom door had always been very slippery, especially since there was a banquet held here today. There were many guests, and many people did not pay attention when washing their hands, causing the floor to be filled with water.

The structure of the leisurely residence was different from other restaurants upstairs. Its bathroom was designed next to the fire exit, so the fire exit was next to the bathroom. Just now, Fang Xiao happened to walk to the fire exit Du Caiwei was pulling her arm too hard, and now that she was being shaken so hard, her body, which was originally wearing high heels, immediately lost its balance. She swayed a few times and lost her balance, rolling straight down the fire escape stairs.

Fang Xiao was stunned for a second before she reacted. Seeing the woman rolling down the stairs continuously, she could not help but shout loudly, “CAIWEI! CAIWEI! Du Caiwei! SOMEONE IS COMING! ”

Fang Xiao shouted very loudly in her panic, and it was transmitted to the hall not far away. Therefore, someone ran over from the hall.

“Caiwei, what’s wrong? ” Qiu Yitang heard Fang Xiao’s voice and quickly ran over. When he saw Du Caiwei rolling down the stone steps below the stairs, he immediately ran down.

“What’s going on? ” Zheng Zihao heard Fang Xiao’s voice and ran over as well. When he saw Fang Xiao standing there with a pale face, he could not help but shake her arm and ask softly.

“I… I didn’t expect it. ” Fang Xiao was a little incoherent Finally, she came back to her senses. When she saw Qiu Yitang helping du Caiwei up from the stairs, du Caiwei’s fluffy dress had already been dyed a bright red color. Perhaps because of the pain, her face had already been twisted.

Fang Xiao did not have the time to explain what had just happened to Zheng Zihao. She immediately ran down. At this moment, she no longer cared about the hostile relationship between Du Caiwei and Du Caiwei. Instead, she quickly reached out to help her Then, she hurriedly said to Qiu Yitang, “Caiwei seems to be bleeding. Her skirt is red. We need to send her off quickly… ”