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Chapter 1716: Chapter 1716 was really not me


Of course, if she was purely here to wash her hands, then there was still an empty sink next to her, wasn’t there Why did she have to wait in line behind her?

Fang Xiao was still puzzled when she heard Du Caiwei calling her softly from behind. In the mirror, du Caiwei’s face was filled with guilt. Then, she asked in a very friendly manner, “Xiao Xiao, can we talk? ”

Fang Xiao only felt that her words were a little funny, but she still did not turn around She just looked at du Caiwei in the mirror and said coldly, “Miss Du, I don’t think there’s anything to talk about between the two of us. Moreover, after more than four years of separation, after the short gathering that night after you returned to the country, we feel that we can no longer find a common language between us. ”

“But, we still have a common man, don’t we? ” Du Caiwei’s voice sounded very weak and aggrieved, but in fact, the content of this sentence was very sharp. Moreover, it went straight to the point, clearly telling Fang Xiao.. She came to find her to talk about Qiu Yitang.

Fang Xiao’s heart felt as if it was stabbed by a sharp knife in an instant. The pain spread from the bottom of her heart, quickly spreading throughout her body, reaching all her limbs and bones.

Although there was no so-called love between her and Qiu Yitang, they were engaged and publicly engaged fianc��es. During the four years when Qiu Yitang went abroad, she had always been labeled as Qiu Yitang’s fianc��e, and Qiu Yitang.. Was also a man written into her life.

Now, the man who originally belonged to her had nothing to do with her. However, the woman he was with outside still came to find trouble with her. This was clearly to bully her and humiliate her.

Could it be that it was not enough for Du Caiwei to set her up the night before her wedding and make her lose face in Huicheng and even label her as a ruined woman Where else did she want to step on her In the mud Wasn’t she already in the mud now?

Her hands secretly clenched into fists, and she used all her willpower to suppress the pain in her heart and all her anger.

Then, she turned around calmly and looked at the woman standing a step away from her. She was her good friend and sister in the past, and now she was her sworn enemy.

“Miss Du, you are absolutely right. We do have a common man, ” Fang Xiao’s voice was indifferent and distant Her cold gaze landed on DU CAIWEI’s face. “What else do you want to say to me now that you are here “I have nothing to do with Qiu Yitang. If you came here just to show off your victory to me, then you have already shown off in the hall just now. “. .”

“It’s not like that, ” Du Caiwei hurriedly opened her mouth and took over Fang Xiao’s words Then, with an apologetic look, he explained, “Xiao Xiao, actually, I didn’t know that something like that would happen that night. I went downstairs to look for my master’s certificate. As soon as I found it, I just happened to receive a call from Uncle Fang. He told me to hurry home and say that you were getting married the next day and wanted me to be your maid of honor. So, I left. . . .”

“enough, ” Fang Xiao quickly interrupted du Caiwei’s words, and then coldly snorted, “Du Caiwei, do you take me for a fool? People say they dare to do something, but you have done it, what do you not dare to admit? ”

“It really isn’t me. ” Du Caiwei was so anxious that she was about to cry. Then, she hurriedly added, “Xiao Xiao, you have to believe me. Actually, I came here today to look for you because I have something else to discuss with you. ”