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Chapter 1715: Chapter 1715: a familiar face in the mirror


It seemed that she had to think of a way to get rid of this Fang Xiao. She definitely could not let her stay by Dongfang Yunheng’s side. Otherwise, the two of them would probably rekindle their old feelings very soon.

However, getting rid of Fang Xiao was not enough. She had to let Dongfang Yunheng Kill Fang Xiao’s heart. She had to make it impossible for him and her to ever be together.

Thinking of this, she could not help but frown. She did not want to create bloody things. Moreover, that was not what she wanted to see. Moreover, there was not much deep hatred between Fang Xiao and her It was just her potential love rival.

Then how could she completely separate Fang Xiao and Dongfang Yunheng?

Thinking of this, her gaze could not help but fall on Qiu Yitang and Du Caiwei not far away. Then, she had an idea.

Wasn’t Fang Xiao Qiu Yitang’s fianc��e As long as Qiu Yitang and Fang Xiao continued to fulfill the marriage contract and let Qiu Yitang and Fang Xiao marry, then, Dongfang Yunheng could only completely stop thinking about Fang Xiao.

As for what kind of war would happen between Fang Xiao and Du Caiwei after she married Qiu Yitang, that was no longer a concern for her. She just needed to keep her position and her man.

Of course, if Fang Xiao married Qiu Yitang, du Caiwei would probably be heartbroken, but what did du Caiwei have to do with her It was just a mistress. Let her be heartbroken.

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but laugh. It seemed that she had to act as a matchmaker once more to make Qiu Yitang and Fang Xiao, who were already separated, get together again and become husband and wife who shared the same bed but had different dreams.

Gu Chenchen had a confident smile on his face. He put the wine glass in his hand to his mouth and drank it in one gulp. Then, he turned around elegantly and walked toward the noble prince not far away.

Fang Xiao Sat by the fountain for a while. She still felt nauseous and her stomach was a little swollen. Then, she got up and walked toward the washroom at the end of the corridor outside the hall.

She didn’t know if it was because the food she had just eaten didn’t suit her appetite, or if it was because someone had taken a dump in the washroom and didn’t flush the toilet because the smell was too bad.

In short, when she walked to the door of the WASHROOM, not only did the nauseous situation not improve, but it became more and more serious. She couldn’t help it anymore.

She finally ran to the sink in two steps, and then vomited into the sink. She vomited so much that the jaundice and blood in her stomach were all vomited out, making the white sink dirty.

She finally vomited enough. She let the water wash away the filth in the sink, then put her hands together and held the water to her mouth, wanting to wash the sour and bitter mouth that she had just vomited.

She lowered her head to wash her mouth clean, and the sour smell in her mouth finally faded. She then used the water to wash her face again, and then raised her head, only to find that there was a familiar and strange face in the mirror.

Looking at the familiar yet strange face in the sperm, she had to admit that time was indeed a heartless thing. It had only been four years. The person who had changed a lot was not only Qiu Yitang, but also du Caiwei behind him.

However, she was not sure why du Caiwei followed her to the bathroom at this time If she had to go to the bathroom, she should be able to go in. It seemed that there were not many people in the bathroom at this time.