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Chapter 1714: Chapter 1714 turned out that Fang Xiao was a black girl


“You’re right. ” Zheng Zihao laughed when he heard her Then, he said helplessly, “take me for example. Actually, what I dislike the most is management. I like to live a free life, but my family doesn’t agree. They insisted on getting me into the family business to do management. Do you think I can control others if I can’t even control myself? ”

Fang Xiao couldn’t help but laugh when she heard this. Zheng Zihao was telling the truth. He was too outgoing. He was used to it when he was in high school. It was said that he couldn’t even sit in the classroom for forty-five minutes.. How could he calm down and be a rigid administrator?

“Sigh, there are too many helplessness in life. ” Zheng Zihao shook his head and said, “I never thought that you would be a secretary one day. As for me, I also thought that when I grew up, I would definitely not enter the family business. I would definitely come out and explore the world on my own. ”

“actually, you are still young. It’s still not too late to explore the world. ” Fang Xiao just calmly continued, and then said almost instinctively, “unlike me… ”

Fang Xiao stopped after saying these three words. She suddenly felt that she had not seen Zheng Zihao for seven years, and they had never contacted each other in the past seven years.

In fact, between them, at most, they could only be considered former schoolmates. Now, they could not even be considered friends. If she told them her story, they might not be willing to listen.

“What’s wrong? ” Zheng Zihao felt that there was something wrong with Fang Xiao’s words, so he could not help but ask.

“Nothing. ” Fang Xiao had already quickly stabilized herself. Then, she said faintly, “unlike me, who had to give up my major to find a job. If you have the conditions, you can still find opportunities to create your own career. ”

Zheng Zihao was about to answer when someone shouted from the corridor, “Zihao, where have you been? Hurry up and come over. It’s time to toast to Mr. Gu. ”

“Oh, I’m coming, ” Zheng Zihao replied. Then, he said to Fang Xiao, “my brother, my dad and uncle Gu are sworn brothers, so our family is here today. I’m going to the hall first. I’ll come back and look for you. We’ll talk later. ”

Fang Xiao nodded and watched Zheng Zihao walk away. Then, she sat down on the chair and looked at the artificial waterfall fountain across from her. She thought of the high school classmate she would meet seven years later and couldn’t help but sigh at how heartless time was It had taken away many beautiful dreams.

Gu Chenchen stood by the wide French window and looked at Fang Xiao who was sitting in the Back Garden Looking at the fountain. Her hands could not help but clench into fists.

Never in her wildest dreams did she expect that Secretary Fang, who wore black-framed glasses and had always been a hypocrite, was actually the black girl that Dongfang Yunheng fell in love with when he was exiled to New Jersey five years ago.

She had always thought that black girls were African girls, so she did not take Dongfang Yunheng’s sudden addition of a personal secretary to heart. Moreover, this Fang Xiao knew her boundaries and was also dutiful. She was very satisfied with Fang Xiao.

Who knew that the two old lovers had already gotten together. No Wonder Dongfang Yunheng had always maintained a certain distance from her. It was said that five years ago, in New Jersey, he had lived with the black girl.

The current situation was indeed very disadvantageous to her. Moreover, Dongfang Yunheng had repeatedly pushed back the matter of the engagement. She had always thought that he might really put the company first, but she had never thought that.. It was actually because of this woman called Fang Xiao.