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Chapter 1713: Chapter 1713, former schoolmate


Fang Xiao was also stunned. Looking at the young and handsome man in front of her, she remembered that this was her high school classmate, Zheng Zihao. Actually, to be precise, it should not be a classmate, but an alumnus.

Because when she entered high school, Zheng Zihao was already a senior. She still remembered that on her first day of school, she was running very fast because she was late, but she bumped into Zheng Zihao, who was also running very fast, at the school gate At that time, the two of them almost hit their heads and bled.

Of course, the bleeding was a little exaggerated, but it was indeed not a light bump. At that time, there was a big bump on her forehead, and Zheng Zihao was not much better.

At that time, Zheng Zihao was extremely arrogant and domineering. He insisted that she was the one who bumped into him first and wanted her to apologize to him. He even wanted to pay for his medical expenses, saying that he had a bump on his forehead and needed to go to the hospital to apply medicine.

At that time, Fang Xiao was not jealous. Although she was a freshman in high school, she was not afraid at all. She immediately retorted that he was blind to bump into her, and the bump on her forehead was more serious. Her eyes were blue and purple Therefore, not only did he have to pay for the medical fees, but he also had to pay for the time spent in class.

It was precisely because of her words that Zheng Zihao was amused. As the saying goes, if you don’t fight, you don’t meet. Although the two of them would stare at each other when they met later, in general, they knew each other, or even became familiar with each other.

She and Zheng Zihao had been schoolmates for a year. In fact, their relationship was generally not bad. From the initial head injury to the deep friendship between them when he graduated from High School, she even held a ‘celebration party’ for him It was to celebrate that he did not get into the ideal university and had to go overseas to suffer.

“Fang Xiao, where have you been all these years? ” Zheng Zihao’s voice pulled Fang Xiao back from her memories.

“I. . . I have always been in Hui city. ” Fang Xiao was slightly stunned and came back to her senses. Then, she looked at Zheng Zihao with a smile. “What about you? Did you get a master’s degree or a doctor’s degree overseas? ”

Zheng Zihao’s face turned slightly red and he said a little embarrassedly, “you know that I have never been good at studying. I have only been abroad for a few years. I just came back here. ”

Zheng Zihao paused at this point, looked at Fang Xiao, and asked curiously, “Oh right, why are you here? You and the Gu family… are related? ”

“Oh, no. ” Fang Xiao just remembered that this was a family banquet of the Gu family, and it seemed that they were inviting people who were related, so she quickly explained, “I’m the secretary of President Dongfang, and I came with him. ”

“President Dongfang? ” Zheng Zihao was slightly stunned for a moment before he reacted, “you’re Yun Heng’s secretary? ”

“Ah. ” Fang Xiao nodded instinctively. She looked at Zheng Zihao and asked in puzzlement, “you know Dongfang Yunheng? ”

“Hehehe, I know him. Of course I know him. ” The smile on Zheng Zihao’s face was a little bright. “Yun Heng and I have played together since we were young. My brother and his sister are good friends. I am also friends with the two brothers. ”

“Oh. ” Fang Xiao replied with an ‘Oh’ , but she did not know what to say next. It seemed that she could not find anything to say after a few polite words with her old classmates.

“Oh right, Fang Xiao, did you choose a secretarial major in college? ” Zheng Zihao looked at Fang Xiao with some doubt. “I remember that your character in high school was not very suitable to be a secretarial major, right? ”

“people are changing, aren’t they? ” The corner of Fang Xiao’s mouth pulled into a helpless smile. “Besides, what major you study is not important. How many people are looking for jobs that match their major? ”