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Chapter 1709: Chapter 1709 Miss Du had a problem with it


Fang Xiao was wearing a well-fitting uniform with noodles in clear soup. The manager of the Gu family who was in charge of inviting guests immediately understood from Gu Chenchen’s eyes when he entered the house. He then politely invited Fang Xiao to a remote corner to sit down.

Fang Xiao secretly heaved a sigh of relief. She did not want to follow behind those two people. Moreover, those two people were holding red wine glasses in their hands. The man was handsome and the woman was beautiful and noble. Her following behind them was purely a foil to their green leaves.

After sitting in a remote corner for a while, she was a little hungry, so she got up and went to the dining area. She took a plate of food and brought it to the seat next to her to eat.

The entire banquet hall was brightly lit. The clothes were fragrant and the hair on the temples were shaded. There were toasts and clinking glasses. The crowd was noisy. Even the pleasant music became the background of the people present.

There were also many people who came. Dongfang Yunheng and Gu Chenchen were soon surrounded by people. She sat in the dining area and looked over. He and Gu Chenchen stood together. The man was handsome and the woman was gentle and noble. They were indeed a match made in heaven.

Actually, it was unnecessary for her secretary to follow him to such a family banquet. On the way, she did not understand his intentions. However, after seeing the scene of him and Gu Chenchen being so affectionate, she suddenly understood.

He wanted her to come. He wanted her to see his happy life with her own eyes. She wanted to see how he was affectionate with other women. He used this fact to silently tell her what kind of unpolished jade she had lost.

When she thought of this, her nose became sore for no reason. An inexplicable pain flowed out from the bottom of her heart uncontrollably. …

Therefore, she buried her head and stopped looking at the man who was shining in the middle of the toasts. She only wanted to fill her stomach and quickly find a corner to hide, never to see him overflowing with happiness again.

However, she could not fulfill such a small wish. Just as she was about to eat a third of the food, a slightly surprised but familiar voice suddenly sounded beside her, “Xiao Xiao, why are you here? ”

Fang Xiao was slightly stunned. She looked up and only then did she realize that Du Caiwei was standing beside her with a tray. It was obvious that she intended to sit next to her.

Du Caiwei was wearing a loose bubble princess dress today. It seemed that she was trying to cover her four-month pregnant belly.

Wasn’t this Gu Chenchen’s uncle’s birthday party Why would du Caiwei appear here again Could it be that Du Caiwei had some connection with the Gu family Why had she never heard Du Caiwei mention it before Wasn’t she an orphan?

Although she was very confused, she stood up and explained calmly, “Miss Gu Chenchen’s boyfriend is the CEO of the Dongfang Group, and I am the CEO’s secretary. Of course, I am where the CEO is. What’s so strange about that? ”

“Hehe, I really couldn’t tell. You’re quite capable. You actually became the CEO’s secretary. ” Du Caiwei’s face quickly revealed a trace of ridicule after being surprised Then, she coldly snorted and said, “but this is the Gu family’s family banquet. Everyone in the outside world knows that the CEO of the Dongfang Corporation never brings his secretary to the family banquet. ”

“The word ‘always’ is used to express the past. ” Fang Xiao stood up and coldly faced her. “But it can’t express the present and the future. Now, he brought me here. Why, Miss Du, do you have any objections? ”

Du CAIWEI’s face immediately turned red. Then, she quickly said, “what objections can I have? I’m just… ”