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Chapter 1707: Chapter 1707: Life Secretary who works overtime


“Is the salary for working overtime on Saturday doubled? ” Luo Qili asked seriously.

Doubled She smiled bitterly. It was still unknown whether she would get paid if she worked here, so how could she dare to hope for a double salary?

It was often possible to have a double salary because she was Dongfang Yunheng’s life secretary. Occasionally, when he attended business parties or other things, whether he brought Gu Chenchen or other women, she had to carry their bags for them She would even help them prepare things.

After hanging up the phone with Luo Qili, she looked up and saw that there were more guests. Lin Shanshan was leading the guests to Dongfang Yunheng’s office, while she quickly got up and walked to the pantry.

Making coffee was one of the most important duties of a personal secretary. After four weeks of training, the coffee was almost done. Cappuccino, Latte, Blue Mountain, and so on could also be made, although the taste was still not as good as the coffee shop.

Fortunately, the rest of the work was relatively smooth. After making coffee twice, she received two calls from two women who wanted to ask Dongfang Yunheng out. Of course, she found a good excuse to cancel them Then, she tidied up the Pantry and helped Dongfang Yunheng prepare the clothes for the family banquet that night.

Dongfang Yunheng had a special closet with all kinds of shirts, suits, and ties. Under Lin Shanshan’s guidance, she more or less knew what kind of suit and tie he wore to the party.

It was the family banquet that night. She matched him with a brown suit, a light gray checkered tie, brown leather shoes, and cotton socks that were similar to the color of the tie.

She originally thought that he would be satisfied with this combination. She did not expect him to look at her like a GRANDPA. Then, he coldly said, “I’m not going to my nephew’s birthday party. What do I need affinity for? ”

This sentence choked her so much that she could not speak. She silently hung the clothes back into the closet and quickly brought him an iron-gray suit, a cream-white shirt, and a red-bottomed Gray amoeba tie She also gave him black leather shoes and cream-white cotton socks one by one.

This time, he did not lose his temper again. The corner of his mouth twitched. He took the clothes, turned around, and walked to the changing room. She sighed to herself and quietly left.

She simply tidied up her work and arranged everything neatly. At this moment, her phone rang. She quickly took it out of her bag and was about to press the answer button when her vision suddenly darkened. She quickly looked up and saw that Dongfang Yunheng was already in front of her.

She quickly cut off the call. She did not care who was calling, and of course, she did not dare to pick up. She just turned off her phone in a panic and squeezed out a smile as she stuffed it into her bag. “President. ”

His thick eyebrows slightly furrowed. He looked at the bag in her hand. Fang Xiao immediately felt nervous, thinking that she had done something wrong again. She quickly checked, but unexpectedly, he simply said, “let’s go. ”

Fang Xiao did not dare to be negligent. She immediately carried two bags. One was his briefcase, and the other was his daily necessities bag. She immediately trotted behind him.

On the 59th floor, even the VIP elevator would take some time to go down. Fang Xiao carried two bags and stood respectfully two steps away from him, looking completely submissive.

Walking out of the elevator and into the lobby, Wu Jianping from the general manager’s office walked up to him. Seeing him, he immediately greeted, “president, the car is ready. ”