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Chapter 1705: Chapter 1705 he was angry


Fang Xiao did not sleep well because she had been having nightmares all the time. The dreams were always pitch-black. She was like a child who had been abandoned as she stumbled in the pitch-black space. She could not see anything around her. She could not even see her fingers Fear and fear were like a huge rock pressing down on her heart. She did not have the slightest strength in her body. She wanted to cry, but she could not.

Suddenly, it was as if she had fallen into the endless sea. Her body kept sinking, but she could not struggle. She wanted to grab a piece of Duckweed, but she could not. She could only watch as the sea water kept surging towards her It gradually drowned her head. …

She did not even have the strength to cry, let alone struggle. It was as if all her limbs and bones were no longer hers. She stayed motionless in the water. It was like a carp that was about to jump through the dragon gate had its scales pulled out and could no longer jump.

However, she knew in her heart that this was not the wrath of heaven. This was just fate. As the old saying goes, a person’s fate was fated, so she could not escape the arrangement of fate. It allowed her to meet Xi Lingheng again, the Xi Lingheng who was no longer a poor kid.

She knew that he was angry tonight. He was angry because not only did she dirty his expensive Huiteng car, but she also made the thing he wanted to get miss.

He must have hated her or thought that she did it on purpose. He spent 500,000 yuan to buy her. In the blink of an eye, it had been almost a month, and he still had nothing.

She had offended her financier, but she did not regret it. In fact, she really hoped that he would one day chase her away in a fit of anger. Perhaps with a wave of his hand, he would say that he did not want the 500,000 yuan anymore. Their agreement would be nullified. Perhaps, she would be completely free.

Dongfang Yunheng put down the phone and massaged his forehead with his hand. It had been a long time since his mother had called him, but this call had caused her to Nag a lot.

Mu Yao was right. His mother had been nagging a lot recently. He did not know if it was menopause, so it was best not to be caught by his mother. Otherwise, his ears would suffer.

Actually, it was not a big deal. It was Gu Chenchen’s uncle’s birthday. He had asked him to accompany Gu Chenchen. Because he and Gu Chenchen were not engaged or married, the other members of the Dongfang family did not need to join in the fun.

Such a small matter could have been explained in two sentences. However, his mother was free today and actually nagged him for more than ten minutes. From Gu Chenchen’s uncle’s birthday to his marriage with Gu Chenchen.

If it was someone else who nagged him, he would not like to hear it. He could hang up the phone in less than three sentences, but he could not hang up on his mother. Otherwise, he did not know what his father would do to him.

In fact, after all the nagging, Xi Mumu still asked him when he planned to get engaged to Gu Chenchen. She said that he and Gu Chenchen had been together for three to four years and this matter should have been settled long ago. It was not a good thing to keep wasting time like this.

He stammered a few words. Fortunately, his mother was not the kind of person who was unreasonable and wanted to force him to get married. She hung up the phone when she was done nagging.

He put down the phone, stood up, and walked to the wide French window.

It was past three in the afternoon. The Winter Sun was exceptionally bright. At this moment, it hit the light purple anti-ultraviolet glass wall, and waves of warmth assaulted him.

The sunlight that shone through the glass seemed to outline the clouds in the sky when the sun went down, and a dark yellow halo appeared around him.