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Chapter 1704: Chapter 1704 vomiting


Fang Xiao opened the back door and got into the car. Just as the door closed, Dongfang Yunheng was already starting the car. His gentle voice came from the front seat, “well, okay, then you should rest early. I’m working overtime tonight, so I won’t be coming over. Oh right, remember to drink COLLAGEN: ”

Fang Xiao looked out of the car window. Her ears automatically blocked out the sweet words of love that Dongfang Yunheng said to Gu Chenchen. He was a prince of deep love, so it was natural for him to say sweet words to his girlfriend.

After Dongfang Yunheng’s phone call was finally over, she immediately reached out to take his phone, and as the phone was handed over, there was another sentence, “buy a box of afterpill later. I don’t like wearing TT. ”

Fang Xiao was stunned when she heard this, and then her brows instinctively furrowed. Her hand tightly gripped the phone that still had his warmth, but her teeth were tightly biting her lips.

If he didn’t like using TT, did that mean that he and other women were streaking naked?

If that was the case Then other than Gu Chenchen, there was also the woman who called him that night. was there any other woman?

As she thought about it, for the first time, she felt really uncomfortable. A particularly uncomfortable feeling emerged uncontrollably from the bottom of her heart. She didn’t know if it was because she had just eaten a hamburger and drank a coke with ice, but her stomach was churning She couldn’t hold it in anymore.

“I. . . I want to… ” before Fang Xiao could say the word, she actually spat it out all of a sudden. Moreover, she even vomited on the leather seats of the Huiteng car.

Dongfang Yunheng had no choice but to stop the car. Fang Xiao pushed open the door and got out of the car before the car came to a complete stop. Then, she squatted by the roadside and vomited non-stop. She ate the hamburgers, drank the coke, even had lunch, and… She vomited jaundice and blood …

While she was throwing up, Dongfang Yunheng was cleaning up the car that she had dirtied. When Fang Xiao finally finished throwing up and got back in the car, the car was already filled with the smell of Tiffany’s men’s perfume.

She didn’t know if it was because of the effect in her heart or because she was addicted to throwing up, but the smell made her want to throw up again. However, there was nothing in her stomach, so she couldn’t even throw up.

When she finally got home, Fang Xiao stumbled into the bathroom as soon as she entered the door. At this time, she had even forgotten that she was her subordinate, Dongfang Yunheng was her boss, and she was her financial backer.

She put a lot of water in the bathtub, completely drowning herself in it. She didn’t know how long she soaked in it, but she eventually climbed out of the bathtub, wrapped herself in a towel, and ran to the cloakroom to find a clean set of pajamas to change into Then, she went out barefoot to find the wind to blow on her wet hair, which was still dripping with water droplets.

Dongfang Yunheng’s shadow had long disappeared from the room. Fang Xiao, who had vomited a lot after taking a shower, still felt very uncomfortable with an empty stomach. She was no longer in the mood to care about where Dongfang Yunheng went.

It was not easy to find the wind to blow dry her hair, but she was still very hungry and could not bear it. Therefore, she had no choice but to change her clothes and go downstairs. She went to the 24-hour convenience store outside the neighborhood and bought a packet of instant noodles to soak and eat.

Fortunately, she was no longer nauseous. After eating the instant noodles, she was finally exhausted, so she did not even bother to throw the instant noodles into the trash can in the corridor outside the room. She just walked straight into the room and fell into a deep sleep on the bed.