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Chapter 1703: Chapter 1703: You can really eat


The most vivid memory was when he luxuriously changed his bicycle that month. His original bicycle could no longer be ridden, so his life that month became more and more difficult.

At that time, the two of them ate hamburgers every night for dinner. They ate all kinds of hamburgers until the end of the month when they almost wanted to vomit at the sight of hamburgers.

At that time, what they longed for the most was to have a meal of Chinese food and a bowl of white rice, even if it was a bowl of hot and sour noodles or mixed sauce noodles.

At that time, when Xi Lingheng was hugging her and eating a hamburger, his favorite line was, “when I’m rich, I’ll never let my wife eat a hamburger! ”

Now, not only was he rich, he was also very rich. However, she had already lost the right to be his wife. That was why he brought her to KFC to eat a hamburger.

Presumably, he would never bring Gu Chenchen to such a place that sold junk food, right?

“Why are you still sitting there? ” Dongfang Yunheng glared at her. “Why aren’t you rushing to buy two sets of meals? Aren’t you hungry? ”

She was slightly stunned. She immediately stood up and silently walked over to line up.

In the past, in New Jersey, when the two of them went out to eat, he never let her line up to buy food. He always said that before a woman got married, she was a general. A general should act like a general and just wait to eat.”

Now, she was no longer a general, but his slave. He was a high and mighty emperor. As a slave, she had no choice but to serve him.

Fortunately, there were not many people. In a few minutes, it was her turn. She could no longer remember what kind of Burger he liked because five years ago, the two of them had already eaten all the hamburgers.

Finally, she bought a drumstick Burger set and a tender beef five-sided set. Fortunately, the price wasn’t expensive. The two sets cost less than 100 yuan. It was entirely within her ability to pay.

She brought the set meal over and briefly told him the names of the two sets. In fact, except for the Burger, the other things that went with them were the same. French fries, coke, mashed potatoes.

He pulled the set meal tray of the drumstick Burger with a deadpan expression, and she sat down quietly to eat the tender beef five-sided set meal, even though the tender beef five-sided set didn’t make her feel like eating beef.

He tore the ketchup and ate the French fries. She was indeed hungry, and it had been five years since she had eaten a hamburger with French fries. Now that she saw it, she did not feel like vomiting anymore.

It was not five years ago, and it was not New Jersey. Although it was also a foreign fast food, the taste in her mouth now was not quite the same as the taste in her mouth five years ago.

She had eaten dinner last night, and it had been a full twenty hours, so a hamburger, a bag of French fries, and a cup of coke were quickly swallowed by her.

“You really can eat. ” He frowned and ate the hamburger elegantly. He glanced at her. “If you don’t have enough, you can buy more. ”

She shook her head and drank the coke with ice cubes in her hands. The ice cubes in the coke had begun to melt. When she drank it, it was ice-cold and slid down her throat. Even her heart was chilled.

Dongfang Yunheng finally finished eating. The two of them walked out of the door together. Just as they reached the car, his cell phone rang. She quickly took out his cell phone from his briefcase and handed it to him.

“Chen Chen, ” he opened the car door and called the woman’s name in a gentle voice. “Have you eaten? ”