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Chapter 1702: Chapter 1702 taking her out for fast food


Although Fang Xiao was wearing the clothes that Dongfang Yunheng had just brought for her, it was still considered a famous brand. However, when she walked beside Dongfang Yunheng, she still had the illusion that a loach was pretending to be an eagle.

The elevator was always in a state of receiving guests, so when they pressed the elevator button, they arrived in less than a minute. Dongfang Yunheng was the first to step in, while she hurriedly followed behind him.

She always remembered that she was his personal secretary, and accompanying him to eat was also a part of her job, so she could not refuse, nor could she refuse.

Although, she was extremely unwilling to accompany him to dinner, because the experience of eating that meal at Huamuxi cafe that day was too painful.

And painful things usually did not want to be experienced a second time.

Dongfang Yunheng drove a Huiteng tonight. It looked similar to a Chinese Volkswagen Passat on the outside, but the interior was extremely exquisite, truly low-key and luxurious.

Due to being scolded by him for taking his car in the afternoon and eventually being chased out of the car by him, Fang Xiao did not dare to sit in the front passenger seat.

Moreover, she was confused when she came out of the police station in the morning. In fact, the co-driver’s seat was reserved for girlfriends, and she was not her girlfriend. Therefore, it was understandable for him to be angry in the morning.

Therefore, she naturally opened the back seat door and sat in it. Dongfang Yunheng was obviously stunned, but he did not say anything. He just quickly started the car and drove out of the residential area.

Fang Xiao sat quietly in the back seat and looked out of the window at the high-rise buildings or the greenery. Thinking about her relationship with him, she felt extremely sad in her heart.

They were not boyfriend and girlfriend, that was for sure, because boyfriend and girlfriend meant that they loved each other, and they were no longer in love.

Of course, it was not the relationship between a lover and a mistress, because the so-called lover and mistress, at least there was some affection between the two of them. For example, the woman who called Dongfang Yunheng tonight.

She was abandoned by Dongfang Yunheng, but she was still thinking about him. Thinking about him, Dongfang Yunheng must have had a relationship with that woman, right?

Between them, it was just a business relationship. He bought her for a year, and she sold herself to him for a year. That was all!

“We’re here. ” Dongfang Yunheng’s voice came from the driver’s seat in front. There was no emotion in it.

Fang Xiao immediately looked up. Dongfang Yunheng had already pushed the door open and got out of the car. So she hurriedly pushed the door open and got out. When she closed the door, she looked up, but when she saw the sign in front of her, she was stunned again.

At this moment, what was in front of her was no longer a high-end Western restaurant, nor was it a high-end luxury restaurant. Of course, it was not a famous restaurant in bincheng where the four famous dishes were served.

Well, this was a foreign fast food restaurant, the famous KFC in China. She did not expect Dongfang Yunheng, who was dressed so formally, to bring her here to eat KFC.

“What are you waiting for? Aren’t you hungry? ” Dongfang Yunheng said expressionlessly. Then, he turned around and led the way to the entrance of the KFC restaurant.

Fang Xiao hesitated for a moment and immediately followed him into KFC. She was just Dongfang Yunheng’s personal secretary. Master Jin wanted to eat KFC. As a subordinate, how could she say anything?

Even though she hated eating foreign fast food!

Five years ago, she was studying in New Jersey. At that time, she and Xi Lingheng ate too much foreign fast food. Because Chinese food was too expensive in that place and they were so poor, they could only buy foreign fast food to satisfy their hunger.