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Chapter 1701: Chapter 1701 I am not Sun Wukong


“No, ” the woman’s gentle voice came from the other side of the phone Then, she reminded, “by the way, Yun Heng has a bad stomach. If you want to stay there for a long time, go to the mall and buy something to put in the fridge. Sometimes at night, he would drink wine during social events and cook some millet congee for him to warm his stomach. ”

“Why didn’t you cook it yourself and bring it to him? ” Fang Xiao couldn’t help but ask in puzzlement, “since you care so much about him, care so much about him, and are so nervous about him, you should show him that you’re not? ”

“I was abandoned by him, ” the other party’s voice clearly carried some hidden bitterness.

Fang Xiao was slightly stunned, but she immediately reacted and said indifferently, “that’s right, his current girlfriend is Gu Chenchen. You… you should forget about him. ”

“I can’t forget, ” the other party’s voice clearly sighed, and then faintly said, “then why don’t you forget about him? ”

“I just came to be his secretary for a few days, ” Fang Xiao’s voice was still cold and indifferent, “now I don’t dare to forget. Which secretary would dare to forget their boss? ”

“Oh, that’s right. ” The other party admitted her point of view indifferently. Then, she softly said, “well, Miss Fang, since you’re his personal secretary, then I’ll leave his life to you in the future… and don’t say that I called. ”

“Aren’t you looking for him for something? ” Fang Xiao now felt strange. This woman specifically called to look for Dongfang Yunheng, and now she actually didn’t let Dongfang Yunheng know.

“It’s already fine. ” The other party smiled and said, “I’m relieved with you around. ”


After hanging up the phone, she took her bag and walked out. She walked toward the door naturally, but just as she reached the door, she remembered the two packets of expired fast food noodles in the refrigerator, so she turned around.

She quickly walked to the kitchen. She had to take the two packets of expired fast food noodles downstairs and throw them into the trash can. Otherwise, when she was not around, he might cook them all by himself without even knowing it.

She came out with two packets of expired fast food noodles in a trash bag. Coincidentally, Dongfang Yunheng came out from the room over there. He had a loose towel tied around his waist, and there were still wet droplets on his short hair. His clothes looked lazy.

“Have you prepared dinner? ” Seeing that she was carrying a bag and preparing to go out, he frowned slightly.

“I’m not Sun Wukong, ” she could not help but retort. She lowered her head and did not look at him. He was just like this five years ago, and he was still like this five years later.

When he heard this, he remembered that he did not seem to have anything to cook in the refrigerator, so he quickly said, “then let’s go out to eat tonight. Wait a moment, I’ll go change now. ”

Fang Xiao immediately nodded. Eating out was what she was looking forward to, so that she wouldn’t have to go and buy ingredients. Then, she would have to fry and cook until it was stuffy, so it might not be to his taste.

Dongfang Yunheng quickly walked into the bedroom where she took her afternoon nap. She couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. It seemed that she had slept in the wrong room in the afternoon. It turned out that it was his bedroom.

Dongfang Yunheng quickly changed into a neat, hand-made Armani suit.

The navy-blue suit had a grayish-white checkered shirt, which made it seem a little cold. The date-red Amoeba Tie, on the other hand, made him look neither cold nor old-fashioned Paired with a pair of polished Italian leather shoes, he looked as noble as a prince from the Middle Ages.