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Chapter 1700: Chapter 1700: You can also have some improper thoughts


If her inappropriate words ruined the relationship between Dongfang Yunheng and his lover, it would be troublesome. Therefore, she quickly explained, “actually… ”

“Miss, what’s your name? ” The other party suddenly spoke, interrupting Fang Xiao’s explanation.

“Fang Xiao, ” she still answered truthfully.

“Fang Xiao? ” The other party was obviously stunned for a moment, then she chuckled and said, “that’s a good name. By the way, do you live there now? ”

Fang Xiao Thought, she originally didn’t live here, but who asked her to get involved in a murder case? Wu Jianping said that she would live here from now on, because Dongfang Yunheng was afraid that she would cause trouble for him again outside.

So, she nodded and said very naturally, “yes, from today onwards, I’ll live here. ”

“But only for a year, ” she quickly added, “I won’t live here in a year. ”

“A year? ” The woman’s voice on the other end of the phone was obviously abrupt, and her polite and polite voice suddenly became a little angry. “What does he mean by this? Is he trying to play with emotions?

Play with his feelings Fang Xiao was obviously stunned, so she quickly explained, “No, well, I don’t have any feelings for him. ”

“No feelings? ” The other party’s voice became doubtful again. “You’re Fang Xiao? ”

“Yes, ” Fang Xiao replied and stopped trying to change the topic with the woman. She quickly asked, “well, you’re looking for a table… are you looking for Mr. Dongfang? ”

The other party laughed softly and said softly, “yes, I originally wanted to talk to him about something, but since you’re there… ”

“I can be transparent, I can be air. ” Fang Xiao immediately panicked Thus, she swore, “I’m only temporarily staying here. If you want to come over now, I’ll immediately flash to a corner that you can’t see. Even if you see me, you can completely treat me as air. I guarantee that it won’t affect your relationship with Mr. Dongfang. …”

“HAHAHA. ” The woman couldn’t help but laugh over the phone.

Fang Xiao couldn’t help but feel depressed. was what she said just now very funny Wasn’t she trying to show her that Dongfang Yunheng hadn’t changed his mind about her?

“Miss Fang, you’re really not an ordinary person. ” The other party’s voice was still coming from the microphone. With a funny tone, she asked, “if he really made out with another woman in front of you, wouldn’t you be sad? ”

Fang Xiao Thought, how could she not be sad? How could she not be sad But, what was the use of being sad She had broken up with him five years ago.

Moreover, she was the one who abandoned him back then. She didn’t want him anymore.

What right did she have to be sad?

“I’m just her personal secretary, ” she finally said righteously Her tone was very formulaic and indifferent. “The Eastern Group’s rules prohibit office romances. Moreover, Mr. Dongfang has a girlfriend now. As a secretary, we can’t have any improper thoughts about the president. ”

The other party was silent for a moment, and then faintly said, “actually, you can also try to have some improper thoughts. ”

“I’m not in the mood. ” Fang Xiao finally calmed down completely Then she said faintly, “Oh right, Mr. Dongfang will probably be done showering in about ten minutes. If it’s not convenient for me to pass on the message you’re looking for him, why don’t you call back later? ”