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Chapter 1697: Chapter 1697 woke her up


She envied those fish that could swim freely, unlike her, who dragged her exhausted body but was an accessory bought by others, without even a bit of freedom.

Jiangnan famous city, 29th floor

Fang Xiao used the key to open the door and walked in. The decoration in the room was not as resplendent as his private suite at the Yunxiao pavilion last time. It was slightly gloomy, but it was more luxurious.

240 square meters. An ordinary person would probably have to build five rooms and three halls if not six rooms and three halls. However, this Damn Dongfang Yunheng only made two rooms and two halls. Of course, as for the other rooms, the study, the multipurpose room, and the DVD room, they were all abnormally large.

She was not in the mood to admire his luxurious mansion, which was so extravagant that it made people and gods angry. Instead, she quickly rushed to the bathroom. She had been frightened last night and then spent the night in the police station with her heart in her mouth. Until now.. She was so tired that she could fall asleep anywhere.

The bathtub was also abnormally large, but it was the kind that was used by two people. However, she did not have time to take a bubble bath at this time, so she simply took a shower and took a shower.

After she took a shower, she realized that she did not have pajamas. No, she did not even have underwear. When she took off her clothes just now, she threw them on the ground. At this time, they were completely soaked by the water from the shower.

She must have squatted in the detention center the night before and her brain must have been damaged. She thought to herself that there was no other way. Therefore, the two pure white bath towels hanging in the bathroom were obviously his, just like the supplies in the hotel.

However, at this moment, she could not care less. She quickly pulled down one of the bath towels and wrapped herself up in it. Then, she walked out of the bathroom like a meat dumpling.

She was very hungry. When people were nervous, they actually did not feel hungry or tired. This was because they had to put in 120% of their energy to deal with the events that were very strange to them.

However, when the tension had subsided, hunger and tiredness attacked her uncontrollably. Therefore, she quickly rushed to the refrigerator and opened the refrigerator door. Unfortunately, she found that it was empty inside. There was nothing.

She finally gave up the thought of eating. She randomly pushed open the door of a room in the bathroom and did not notice if it was the master bedroom. This was because the two rooms here had cloakrooms to wash the bathroom.

A bed that was so wide that it was somewhat perverse. She lay down straight. The soft comfort instantly enveloped her. She closed her eyes comfortably. She did not even pull off the towel on her body. She just fell asleep.

Fang Xiao did not know how long she had slept for because she had not woken up since she fell asleep. Her phone was also unusually quiet today, as if Dongfang Yunheng did not need her as his personal secretary anymore.

Of course, what woke her up was not the ringtone of her phone, but the sound of footsteps and light breathing coming from the room, as well as a slightly familiar pine fragrance.

She slowly opened her eyes and realized that it was already dark. The room was lit up with a gentle light that was not harsh to the eyes. Under the gentle light, Dongfang Yunheng was standing expressionlessly by the side of the bed where she was lying.

She instinctively shivered, and her brain, which was originally in a daze, instantly woke up. She couldn’t help but quickly turn around and sit up. Then, she lowered her head to look at herself.

Her body was only wrapped in his towel, and she wasn’t wearing anything under it. The most damnable thing was that the bottom of the towel actually spread out a little… … …