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Chapter 1696: Chapter 1696, her new place


She bit her lip lightly and was silent for a while. Then, she carefully said, “I’m afraid I’ll disturb your and Miss Gu’s enjoyment of watching the midnight show. ”

“squeak… ” the tires of the car screeched against the cement floor. Dongfang Yunheng’s car skidded forward by one meter before coming to a stop.

“GET OFF! ” He looked at the woman in the passenger seat with a cold face.

Fang Xiao immediately pushed open the car door and got off. She didn’t know what she had done to offend him. As his personal secretary, she had already been so considerate to him, yet he was still inexplicably angry.

The place where Dongfang Yunheng left her was on the viaduct of the expressway. This place was in the middle of nowhere. Not to mention taking a bus, there were very few taxis.

Moreover, even if there was a taxi passing by, it would definitely carry a guest. Even if there was an empty car passing by, it would probably just whistle away.

Which taxi dared to stop on the viaduct of the expressway to pick up a person Unless he did not want to drive a taxi?

She had no choice but to walk forward on her own feet. The viaduct was very long, and there were no sidewalks on the expressway. She could only walk on the Emergency Lane, which was somewhat dangerous.

She didn’t know how long it would take to get off the viaduct, but it was better to walk forward than to stand still here. She thought that the worst case scenario would be to walk until night time. She would definitely be able to get off the expressway and go to the bus stop on the national road.

Of course, in fact, she didn’t walk for that long. In fact, before she had finished walking on the viaduct, a car had quietly stopped beside her.

“Get in. ” Wu Jianping rolled down the window and looked at her by the roadside, indicating for her to get in the car quickly.

She hesitated for a moment. She knew that Wu Jianping was his assistant, but she still got in the car without any backbone. After all, she was already exhausted and had no strength to walk.

“This is my business card. ” Wu Jianping drove off the viaduct and handed her a business card when he stopped at the traffic light intersection. “Call me if you encounter anything in the future. ”

“thank you! ” Fang Xiao immediately took the business card and carefully put it in her bag.

Fang Xiao thought that Wu Jianping would drive her back to her village in the city or go directly to the Dongfang Corporation. However, when Wu Jianping’s car stopped, she was surprised to find that it was a famous city in Jiangnan.

The famous city in Jiangnan was the most famous high-rise mansion in Bincheng. It was said that there was a staircase and a family. In other words, there was only one family on each floor, and this family’s area was more than 240 square meters.

“here. ” Wu Jianping handed two keys to her. “Building D is on the 29th floor. From now on, you will live here. You don’t have any luggage, so I won’t send you up. ”

“Then my things are still in the rented house in the city village. ” She quickly said to Wu Jianping, “other things are not important, but my parents’ photos, some relics, and my id… ”

“I will help you move them over later. ” Wu Jianping quickly interrupted her. At the same time, he rolled up the car window and quickly drove away.

Fang Xiao looked at the car that had already driven away and finally turned around. Building D was right in front of her. It was the center of the famous Jiangnan City. In front of the door was a large european-style Garden building. The Fountain was spraying water happily The Colorful Koi fish were swimming happily in the man-made stream beside them.