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Chapter 1694: Chapter 1694: What she will face


God, why are you so unfair?

God was obviously very busy and could not hear her question. So, she could only use her trembling hands to take out her phone from her bag. Just as she was about to find Dongfang Yunheng’s number, a call happened to come in.

The caller ID showed that it was from Dongfang Group. She almost instinctively pressed the answer button and just as she put the phone to her ear.. Lin Shanshan’s voice was already heard. “Fang Xiao, what’s going on? You haven’t come to work for half an hour today. Is the president throwing a Tantrum? ”

“Secretary Lin, I killed someone, ” she said into the phone in a trembling voice. “I killed someone last night. Now at the police station, can you help me hire a lawyer? It was self-defense. I really didn’t do it on purpose. I didn’t expect him to be so fragile. ”

Fang Xiao was nervous and anxious, so she spoke incoherently for a long time. However, as she spoke, she felt that something was wrong. There was no sound on the other end of the phone. Lin Shanshan probably thought that she was being too long-winded and hung up.

Therefore, the female police officer who was in charge of guarding her said that she was a fool. Even if he really wanted to rape her, what could he do?

At worst, she would just let him mess with her. How much harm could she do to him At worst, she would just treat it as if she had been bitten by a dog?

Now, you were still acting in self-defense, but you used a brick to turn a person into a vegetable. Was that self-defense Moreover, what evidence did you have to prove that a fool raped you?

Even if you wanted to defend yourself, you would have to wait for him to go in, right That way, you could leave evidence to prove that he did sexually assault you. Even if you crushed him to death, it would still be an act of self-defense, right?

Tell me, who are you fighting so hard to defend your innocence for In today’s society, even virginity is worthless. WHAT’S INNOCENCE?

Nowadays, when men and women get married, who cares if the other party has had sex before Who would think highly of her because the other party has never had sex before?

When the policewoman spoke about her, she had been listening quietly with her head lowered. She knew that she was indeed stupid, and indeed, she was not resourceful enough and patient enough.

The policewoman asked her why she did not want to wait a few more minutes before smashing that brick?

She did not know, she really did not know. At that time, she simply could not accept the behavior of a fool and did not want the fool to enter her body.

Not to mention waiting a few more minutes, she would not even want to wait one more second?

Who was she keeping her virginity for Who cared about her Who would care about her foolish behavior of breaking the law in order to keep her innocence?

Thinking of this, she felt extremely sad.

Just now, the policewoman asked her if she had informed her family Was there anyone coming to bail her out later?

She kept quiet. In this world, she was already alone. Her parents had died, who was still her relative? Who would care if she would go to jail?

Seeing that she kept quiet, the policewoman finally stopped talking about her. She only said lightly that if no one came to see her at noon, she would probably be sent to the detention center with the other suspects in the afternoon.

Fang Xiao thought that this time, she would definitely be sent to the detention center. Then, what awaited her would be a prison sentence. As for how many years she would be sent to prison, the policewoman said that if you didn’t have enough evidence to prove that your actions were self-defense.. It was very likely to be a life sentence. Even if it was a life sentence, it would probably not be less than 20 years.