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Chapter 1693: Chapter 1693 God, this is so unfair


Fortunately, 120 and 110 quickly rushed over. 120’s doctor quickly checked on the fool. She was still breathing and was not dead, so he quickly took the fool away.

Fang Xiao was taken away by 110’s because she had to go back to take a statement and explain the whole incident.

She told the truth about how she met the fool tonight, but the police said that it was just a one-sided statement because she could not find any witnesses to prove that she hit the fool with a brick in self-defense.

And most importantly, her body had no signs of being violated, and she was still intact.

All the signs showed that she was lying. Everyone knew that she was a fool, and how could a fool rape a woman Did a fool understand that kind of thing?

She sat in the cold police station, her hands tightly wrapped around her shoulders, and the mother of the fool, her house rushed to the police station, saw her like a mad dog, pounced on her without saying a word and slapped her twice.

Fortunately, the police were beside her and immediately came forward to pull the idiot’s mother, her landlord, and gently advised her. Now that she had been arrested, they would deal with her impartially.

“You SLUT, you selling b * Stard, you must have taken the initiative to seduce my Zhizhi. ” The landlord’s hand was controlled by the police, but her mouth was still free Therefore, she continued to curse relentlessly. “If anything happens to my Zhizhi, I will definitely have you buried with him. You Shameless B * Stard, you selling B * Stard… ”

Zhizhi was the name of a fool, and Fang Xiao did not know the surname of the fool. Because she had not met the landlord’s husband, and she had just rented a house not long ago, she left early and returned late, so she had not had the time to hear the gossip about the landlord.

Fortunately, the landlord left not long after he was cursing at the police station. He probably went to the hospital to guard her silly son, while Fang Xiao Sat in the cold detention center and waited until dawn.

The Sky finally brightened, and the deserted police station began to bustle with activity. The police on the night shift had finished their shift, while the police on the day shift took over. He heard a police officer introducing her situation to another police officer.

Soon, the fool’s condition was transmitted from the hospital, saying that the fool was no longer a fool. Before she could be happy, the police officer’s next sentence was, but she did not have the chance to become a fool either, because she had become a vegetable, lying in bed forever asleep.

She had smashed the fool into a vegetable, which was no better than smashing the fool to death. The police officer told her expressionlessly that the fool’s mother would sue her, and that the prison sentence she would face would not be too short.

“I was defending myself, ” she argued with the police almost instinctively. “I was just defending myself too much. ”

“You should save these for the judge. ” The police scoffed at her words Then he snorted coldly and said, “Oh right, do you have any relatives or family members “We will send you to the detention center in the afternoon, and then you will have to wait in the detention center until the court session. If you have any family members, you can ask them to hire a lawyer for you outside. When they see you, will your lawyer be able to help you win the case? ”

Only then did Fang Xiao truly start to panic. She was about to be sent to the detention center, and what she was about to face was imprisonment. However, she was clearly the real victim?

Heavens, why are you so unfair?