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Chapter 1692: Chapter 1692: In a state of emergency


The pain from her body made Fang Xiao exceptionally clear-headed. She looked at the fool drooling on her body and felt that he was using his knees to forcefully press against her tightly shut thighs. Her gaze quickly scanned the surroundings once again.

There was a pile of bricks about an arm’s length away from her. It was probably used to build a sidewalk. At this moment, the fool had already pushed her thighs away and was about to use his weapon to pierce through her soul.

At this moment, she grabbed a brick. Without even thinking, she directly smashed it fiercely towards the fool’s head, using almost all her strength to smash it down. …

If Fang Xiao could predict the future, then she would rather be raped by the fool than to pick up the brick and smash it on the fool’s head.

However, she was a mortal after all and did not have the ability to predict the future. Therefore, at the moment when she was about to be attacked, she would erupt with her ultimate, unbearable strength.

Some people said that when a person was at the peak of their anger and endurance, the strength that erupted was infinite. She did not know if the strength that erupted from her was infinite.

She only knew that when her brick ruthlessly smashed towards the fool’s head, the fool’s actions immediately stopped. His entire body seemed to be frozen and motionless.

At that time, the light was too dim and Fang Xiao could not see clearly what had happened to the fool. She only knew that he was still pressed against her body and did not slip to the side. Hence, she raised the brick again and smashed it towards the fool’s head.

After she used the brick to smash the fool’s head for the third time, the fool’s body finally swayed twice. Then, with a ‘Dong’ sound, he fell to the side of the empty space.

She hurriedly stood up and quickly pulled up her pants that had been taken off by the fool to her calf. However, two buttons of her shirt had fallen off because of the fool’s forceful pulling, so it was impossible for her to button them now.

Fortunately, the collar of her uniform was the kind of small suit, so she could turn the collar around now. This way, she could barely cover the spring sunshine on her chest.

The fool lay on the ground motionlessly, and the place was too dark. She took out her phone and pressed a button. The screen of the phone lit up, barely able to let out a little light from the darkness in front of her.

However, when her gaze swept over the motionless fool on the ground, she was completely stunned. This was because the fool’s head was actually covered in blood, and the brick that she had smashed into the fool was also blood-red.

She had killed someone She could not help but tremble. This fool usually looked very strong, but just because she had hit him with the brick three times, he had actually died?

What should she do What should she do?

Escape But this place in Bincheng was only so big, where could she escape to?

Moreover, this place was full of traces left by her. Once someone found the fool, they would immediately find out that she was the one who did it.

The way to escape was simply not feasible. Then, she could only call the police and get the people from the hospital to pull the fool away. She only hoped that the fool would not die. As long as the fool did not die, she would be acting in self-defense!

Although Fang Xiao was extremely scared and terrified, in the end, she was not confused to the point where she did not know anything. Therefore, she used her trembling hands to call the emergency number 120 first, then used her trembling hands to call the emergency number 110.

After two calls, she stood there motionlessly. She didn’t even dare to look at the fool lying on the ground.