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Chapter 1691: Chapter 1691 meeting a fool


However, the moment she looked back, she was shocked because this person was actually the foolish son of the landlord, who was commonly known as 250. At this moment, he was looking at her with shining eyes.

She instinctively ran away because she had heard from the aunt next door that this fool seemed to have broken into the room across from her last month and had sex with a woman with a child. That woman was timid and did not dare to make a sound when faced with such a thing In the end, it was the mute who had to leave the room and move away.

Unfortunately, she was wearing a pair of high heels. Although the heels were very short, how fast could she run on a road that had not been repaired and the lighting was not good?

Moreover, even if she ran as fast as she could, how could she outrun that person who had long legs and looked like a savage He chased after women every day for no reason. He had long practiced the ability to run as fast as he could.

Fang Xiao ran in a hurry and did not know where to go. In the end, she only ran a few meters before she stumbled and fell to the ground. Before she could struggle to get up, that idiot had already caught up with her and immediately pressed down on her.

At that time, she was scared out of her wits, and the fool was still giggling under her. He used his hand to turn her over and still pressed her down. He was still giggling foolishly as he said, “I love touching your boobs the most. It’s only comfortable to touch your boobs. ”

Fang Xiao quickly calmed down. She knew that this person was a fool, but his strength was as great as an ox. If she were to fight him head-on now, she would definitely be at a disadvantage.

Therefore, she could not fight him head-on. She could only outthink him. Therefore, she pretended to be obedient and coaxed him, “fool, this place is too hard and uncomfortable. Let’s get up and go back, okay? My bed is so soft. ”

“Go back? ” Silly was stunned for a moment, and then she pulled down her pants… …

Fang Xiao immediately turned her face to the side. Fortunately, they were under a tree and there was almost no light, so she did not see anything, but she knew what he was referring to.

“Then, let’s go somewhere else. ” Her eyes quickly scanned the surroundings, and then she pointed at the lawn not far away and said, “let’s go there, okay? The lawn is a little softer. ”

“I can’t wait any longer. ” The fool clearly lost his patience and took off his pants in a few seconds. Then, he pressed Fang Xiao’s body with his hands and legs and used his other hand to pull Fang Xiao’s pants.

Fang Xiao was finally anxious. She knew that she could not appease the fool at this moment, so she opened her mouth and bit the arm of the hand that was controlling her hand. She gritted her teeth and exerted force.

“Ah! ” The fool cried out in pain. The hand that was originally taking off Fang Xiao’s pants immediately loosened, and then a big slap came over. “You whore, behave yourself, or I’ll kill you later. ”

The fool’s slap was very strong, almost knocking Fang Xiao unconscious on the spot. The mouth that was biting on the fool’s arm could not help but loosen, and the fool took the opportunity to press down on her body.

Fang Xiao struggled hard, but she could not break free from the Fool’s control. The fool quickly took off her pants, and then let go of the hand that was controlling her hand. He directly grabbed the front of her clothes. With a little force, he directly tore it open.

“Hahaha, Mimi, ” the fool shouted happily. Two black hands quickly drilled into her clothes, and quickly started to caress her smooth and delicate body.