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Chapter 1690: Chapter 1690 Love You hate you ask if you know


On the way to dinner, he received a phone call. She heard him say in a gentle voice, “Chenchen, I’ve already eaten. I ate at the Huamuxi coffee shop that we used to come to… ”

Fang Xiao finally understood why he was unhappy to come to Huamuxi coffee shop with her. It turned out that this was the place where he and Gu Chenchen dated. He probably did not want to come with other women, especially her.

At night, Dongfang Yunheng did not participate in any business activities. He could have gotten off work earlier, but he had to work overtime tonight. Lin Shanshan said that she seemed to have a meeting about bidding for a certain piece of land.

Fang Xiao was just a personal secretary. She didn’t care about Dongfang Yunheng’s work matters. If Lin Shanshan said something, she would listen. She didn’t say anything and never asked anything.

Dongfang Yunheng’s meeting was held very late, and he didn’t get off work until about 10 pm. She stayed up until this time, so when she walked out of the Dongfang Group’s building, the street was already deserted.

Wu Jianping didn’t work overtime tonight, so it was impossible for him to send her home tonight. Dongfang Yunheng couldn’t drive her home either, because his Gu Chenchen was already waiting for him to go to the midnight movie with him.

Binhai was a first-tier city, and there were still overtime buses at more than ten o’clock in the evening, but it was relatively rare. She waited for more than ten minutes before one came, so she quickly got on the bus.

At this time, there were very few people in the bus compartment. The bus driver was a forty-something-year-old big brother. Maybe he was a local, or maybe he was a fan of Zhou Runfa and Zhao Yazhi. At this time, the theme song of the old version of Shanghai beach was playing in the bus compartment.

I love you and hate you, but you ask if you know it / it’s like the river never stops / it turns a thousand times and turns a thousand times / it still hasn’t calmed down the fight / it’s both happy and sad / even if I can’t tell the difference between happiness and sadness / I still want to make a thousand waves / I have enough ups and downs in my heart. . .

She sat by the window of the car and looked out at the high and short buildings and some telephone poles that flashed by outside the window. The dim lights and the lonely and lonely street lights flashed past her eyes. It was like an old Shanghai movie.

Five years ago, she and he also loved to watch movies. They were so poor but so happy. One day, he borrowed a CD from God knows where. It was an old movie from the eighties, “Shanghai Beach” by Zhou Runhua and Zhao Yazhi.

At that time, he liked Xu Wenqiang the most. He even said that Xu Wenqiang was truly infatuated. Even before he died, he still talked about going to France, because his beloved Cheng Cheng was in France.

Thinking of this, her heart could not help but suffocate. In the end, Xu Wenqiang was not with his Cheng Cheng. …

After the bus swayed for forty minutes, it finally arrived at the bus stop near the village in the city where she was. It was already past 11 o’clock in the evening. From this bus stop to the village in the city, the shortcut was nearly 600 meters. If she took the main road.. It was estimated to be more than a kilometer away.

This six hundred meter road was very remote because it had not been completely repaired. There were not even street lights, and there was no normal traffic. During the day, some people from the village would rush to and from work to take the bus on this road.

She mustered her courage and walked towards the village. Although there were no street lights, it was fortunate that there was a mysterious moon in the sky. A crescent moon shone down, and the light was hazy, so it was not completely impossible to see the road.

Just as she reached the turn, she suddenly heard footsteps behind her, So Meng turned her head, wanting to see who was still working so late like her.