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Chapter 1689: Chapter 1689: I’ll make you lose your appetite


“Didn’t you say that you’ve gotten tired of the business plan in the past few days? ” She carefully explained, “the business plan in the past few days is all Chinese food. ”

The corner of Dongfang Yunheng’s mouth twitched, but he didn’t say anything else. He just stepped on the gas pedal, and the car seemed to fly up in an instant.

Fortunately, she had already fastened her seatbelt, so his car flying up only gave her a scare. However, it was a close call, and they arrived in five minutes.

She did not know if Dongfang Yunheng had a grudge against Huamuxi coffee shop, but his face had been dark throughout the meal. It was as if her sitting across from him made him lose his appetite.

Actually, she did not have any appetite sitting across from him, so when they were eating, she kept her head down and buried her head in hard work. She kept urging herself to finish the meal quickly and go out. The air was not so oppressive when she was away from him.

She was not afraid of Xi Lingheng in the past. In the past, the two of them would often fight, but she would always bully him when she was free. He would scream in anger, “a man is a slave before marriage, and an emperor after marriage. I want to marry you as soon as possible and end the life of a slave! “!

At that time, she would laugh out loud and run in front of him while teasing him. She would yell, “then hurry up and make money. Marry me after you make money, but if you become the emperor, I will also be the empress. I will never be a slave! “!

At that time, The Sun in New Jersey was scorching hot, and the scenery on the beach was beautiful. He and she were chasing and laughing on the beach. They never thought that one day, they might be separated!

In just five years, he had become the emperor without getting married, and she would never have the chance to be his empress. Now, she was already his slave.

“I let you eat so much? ” A cold voice was obviously filled with dissatisfaction.

“Oh. ” She looked up in panic and saw his cold face. She quickly shook her head and explained, “I ate a little too much this morning. I’m not that hungry now. ”

As she spoke, she put down the knife and fork in her hand. To be honest, after five years, she didn’t know how to use the knife and fork anymore.

“I even made you lose your appetite? ” He saw that she didn’t eat at all and became even more dissatisfied He could not help but snort coldly. “Don’t you know that resources are public? You’ve only eaten less than one-third of the food, and you’re not only wasting money, but it’s also a waste of the public resources of society. ”

She immediately fell silent. She silently picked up her knife and fork and continued to eat the steak on the plate, because he had just said that to her five years ago.

That time was her first time learning how to make dumplings. She spent a lot of effort, making her eyes and nose full of flour, and finally made a pile of dumplings that did not look like dumplings. Dumplings did not look like Buns, and pies did not look like pies.

This was not the worst part. The worst part was that she did not know how to cook the dumplings. Therefore, the dumplings that were finally cooked were filled with the stuffing and the skin.

Although he was poor, he was still very picky. He did not want to eat the dumplings that day after only a few bites. In the end, she used that sentence to scold him. Then, of course, he obediently ate the pot with her.

Therefore, when he said this sentence, she could not find a reason to refute. Even if she could not taste the steak, she still forced herself to stuff the plate of steak rice into her stomach.