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Chapter 1688: Chapter 1688 eating dinner with him


Five years ago, when he gave her this necklace, he said, “This is the only unique Pearl Necklace in the world. I gave it to the only, unique woman. ”

The only, unique?

Thinking of this, her tears finally rolled down uncontrollably. At that time, he loved to hug her and Sing, “Oh baby, you are my one and only! “!

She is his one and only At that time, they were so young. Even the promise was so easy. Little did they know that the only thing was never possible!

How could such a string of pearls compare to the necklace that was worth three million on Gu Chenchen’s neck tonight?

The difference between love and not love could actually be measured by money!

After that day, for a few days, Dongfang Yunheng did not attend any more banquets. In the past few days, he had been eating business packages at the company for lunch. After work in the afternoon, he would drive straight back to the Dongfang House, so Fang Xiao did not have to go with him Her work was much easier.

However, making coffee was her hard injury. She had already brewed instant coffee for him for a few days. She did not know if he had not drunk it or if he was too busy to notice, but this matter would be exposed sooner or later.

Therefore, she bought a book on how to make coffee and studied it. Then, she learned step by step from the machines in the pantry. Finally, she spent three days to brew the First Cup of Coffee, but it was so bitter that she did not dare to drink it.

Just as she was hesitating whether she should pour the cup of coffee, Xiao Tian ran in and called her, “Fang Xiao, the president is asking about his coffee. Why didn’t he bring it in after a long time? ”

“Oh, it’s almost done, ” she replied. She immediately put the Cup of coffee that she had taken a sip on the tray and used a small plate to hold the sugar and milk. Only then did she carefully carry it to his office.

He was reading the documents when he saw her slowly bring the coffee in. He said impatiently, “can’t you do things more quickly? A Cup of coffee has been brewing for almost an hour. With your work efficiency, are you worthy of the salary offered by the Oriental Group? ”

“I’m sorry, ” she answered truthfully. She lowered her head and did not look at him. Instead, she directly pleaded, “So, I think president, you should change to a better life secretary. ”

He was slightly stunned. Then, with a cold face, he waved his hand impatiently. “Go down first. Go out with me for lunch. I’m tired of the business set meal every day. ”

“Yes, ” she replied politely and quickly turned to leave, but she forgot to ask him, where do you want to eat lunch at noon Do you want to eat western food or Chinese food?

She only thought of this question when she picked up her phone and was about to book a seat. When she wanted to ask him again, he was no longer in the office for a meeting. Therefore, she had no choice but to force herself to make the decision and book a coffee shop near the company.

At noon, he was indeed not busy. He wanted to go downstairs for lunch. She was his personal secretary, so she could only help him grab his bag and carefully follow behind him, just like a follower in ancient times.

“where are you going for lunch? ” He started the car from the driver’s seat, his face cold without even looking at her.

“Huamu West Cafe, ” she answered with a smile while putting on her seatbelt, “I’ve already booked a seat. ”

“WHO said you want to eat western food? ” Dongfang Yunheng’s tone was very bad in the driver’s seat. His face, which had been gentle just now, was now cold as if he had borrowed his rice from someone to return his chaff.