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Chapter 1687: Chapter 1687 Pearl Necklace


“Yes, a little bit, ” she answered casually.

Actually, she was not short-sighted. Her eyesight had always been very good. The black-rimmed glasses on her nose bridge were actually plain glasses. The purpose of wearing these glasses was just to make herself look more old-fashioned.

The Charity Party finally ended. Her first day of work as a personal secretary had finally come to a successful end. Gu Chenchen was very satisfied with her, and Dongfang Yunheng did not seem to blame her.

When she got into the car, she was still thinking that if every day of work could be as smooth as today, then a year would not be too hard to endure.

Wu Jianping Drove Dongfang Mo and Gu Chenchen back first. Fang Xiao only knew that they had entered a villa community. As for whether the villa belonged to Dongfang Yunheng or the Dongfang family, she did not know.

After sending Dongfang Yunheng and Gu Chenchen back, Wu Jianping drove her back. When she asked Wu Jianping to stop at the entrance of the city village, Wu Jianping could not help but Nag, “why did you rent this place? How inconvenient is it to work here? ”

“There’s a bus near Dongfang Group, ” she explained plainly. She thought to herself, I didn’t know that Xi Lingheng was Dongfang Yunheng before I rented the House Moreover, I didn’t think about going to work at Dongfang Group at that time. All I wanted was to work at the Sun Department Store.

When she returned to her small rented house, it was already past 11 pm. She quickly took her clothes and went to the bathroom to take a shower. Before she was done, her phone rang desperately.

She ended the shower in a flurry and pulled a towel to wrap herself up. Then, she quickly ran out and her phone had stopped singing.

She let out a long sigh of relief and was about to go to the bathroom to find a towel to wipe her freshly washed hair when her phone rang again. She had no choice but to sit down on the SOFA and use her hand to take out her phone from her bag.

It was an unfamiliar number. She hesitated for a moment before pressing the answer button. Before she could speak, Dongfang Yunheng’s cold voice sounded, “why did you take so long to answer the call? ”

“I was just taking a shower, ” she instinctively explained, then quickly asked, “are you still busy tonight? ”

There was a long silence on the phone. Just as she thought that he had hung up, a seductive voice suddenly came from the phone, “Yun Heng, do you want to take a shower? ”

Her heart twitched instinctively, and the phone was already ringing.

She threw the phone to the side, got up, and walked to the bathroom. She stood by the sink and looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair that she had just washed was messy and scattered on her shoulders. Crystal clear water droplets dripped down one by one and wet her towel It also wet her heart.

He called her just to tell her that at this moment, he was with another woman. He just wanted to show off to her that he was living well without her!

He was indeed living well. Needless to say, his career was almost at its peak. But what about love Looking at the interaction between him and Gu Chenchen, one could tell how deep their love was.

She closed her eyes slightly. At this time, she was too lazy to even wipe her hair. She quickly ran out of the bathroom, bent down to pull out the slightly worn suitcase under the bed, quickly opened it, and then quickly began to rummage through it.

After rummaging through it for a long time, she finally found the necklace, the Pearl Necklace. Each Pearl was different in shape, size, and uneven, but it was also incomparably beautiful.