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Chapter 1686: Chapter 1686: Assistant Secretary


She giggled and gave him a heavy kiss on the cheek, feeling that he was purely complimenting her.

So be it. He wasn’t the first one to say that about her. All the boys and girls in school, who wouldn’t say that she was a fool?

“Hurry up and get up. Accompany Chenchen to the bathroom. ” Dongfang Yunheng’s slightly dissatisfied voice pulled her back from her memories.

At this moment, he and Gu Chenchen had already walked up to her arm in arm. On Gu Chenchen’s neck, the string of three million Pearl Necklace was glowing with the light of love.

She stood up hastily and smiled at Gu Chenchen with slight embarrassment. “I’m sorry, I was too entranced by you just now. You look so beautiful with this necklace on! ”

Gu Chenchen revealed a gentle smile and walked towards the bathroom with her. Because Gu Chenchen’s high heels were a little high, she had no choice but to use her hand to support her, afraid that she would fall.

Fortunately, there was no danger and they arrived at the bathroom door without any obstruction. She quickly opened her daily necessities bag and asked her in a low voice what she needed.

“A small packet of tissues will do. ” Gu Chenchen glanced at her daily necessities bag and could not help but laugh when she saw the sanitary pads. “My period is at the beginning of the month. It’s only the end of the month now. You’re really thoughtful. ”

Fang Xiao blushed. This bag was prepared by Lin Shanshan, so she said a little awkwardly, “about that, I was afraid that you would suddenly come early, right? ”

“Yes, yes, ” Gu Chenchen replied. He had already used his hand to support the wall and walked into the barrier, while Fang Xiao stood outside the barrier and waited patiently for her.

Actually, the toilet was very smelly. She did not know which stall owner was pooping. She really wanted to walk out of the toilet. However, when she thought of Gu Chenchen’s terrifyingly high heels, she immediately dismissed this idea.

Luo Qili used to say that the toilet was where the female lead acted weak. Falling down was one of the best ways. Although some of the floors were really too slippery, some of them were deliberately falling down.

However, no matter what kind of fall Gu Chenchen was going to fall down, she could not bear the responsibility. If she bumped into something and Dongfang Yunheng was determined to break the agreement and ask her to immediately return 500,000 yuan to him, then she would be in trouble.

Fang Xiao did not know if Gu Chenchen’s dress was too complicated, but Fang Xiao waited outside for more than ten minutes before she came out. Fortunately, the people blocking her thought that she was in line, so they did not think that it was inappropriate for her to stand in the toilet.

She helped Gu Chenchen out of the toilet with her hand. Gu Chenchen washed his hands by the sink. She quickly opened the daily necessities bag and unzipped the makeup bag inside and handed it to her.

The female lead would usually touch up her makeup appropriately after going to the toilet. This was often written in melodramatic sayings. In the past, when her father took her out to participate in some so-called business activities, those socialites also often touched up their makeup by the sink.

Sure enough, Gu Chenchen took out two powder cakes from her makeup bag. She saw them and wiped them on her face twice. Then, she took some lipstick and lightly applied it on her lips. After that, she was done.

After all, she was born with a natural beauty. This was the simplest way to touch up her make-up that she had ever seen. This was because the socialites and socialites that she had seen before seemed to have to struggle for a long time to touch up their make-up.

“Is Miss Fang short-sighted? ” Gu Chenchen walked towards the venue with her. When she turned her face to look at the black-rimmed glasses on the bridge of her nose, she could not help but ask curiously.