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Chapter 1685: Chapter 1685 you’re an idiot


She sat on his lap, which was slightly open, and the heat from his body seeped through the fabric, making her shiver involuntarily.

At that moment, a frightening thought came to her mind: he wouldn’t give himself to her as a gift, would he?

She was struck by this thought, and instinctively wanted to struggle down from his lap, while he grabbed her shoulder with one hand and whispered, “don’t move, it’s almost done. ”

It’ll be done soon She was curious again. They were both dressed like Friday kings, and they hadn’t even taken off their clothes yet. How could it be done immediately?

Could it be that his thing had the ability to pierce through the fabric on the two of them Or was the gift he gave not himself?

Just as Fang Xiao’s thoughts were running wild, Meng ran suddenly felt a slightly cold object on her neck. That object gave people the feeling that it was wooden and hard, but it did not have the texture of metal.

“It’s done, ” Xi Lingheng’s voice said, and she slowly opened her eyes.

Opposite her was the wardrobe with a mirror. She was only a few feet away from them. She looked at herself in the mirror and there was a necklace around her neck.

It was a string of pearls, but each pearl had a different shape and color. They were connected by a transparent string and looked very nice on her neck.

Of course, such a Pearl Necklace was not considered good. It could almost be said to be made from the lowest quality and most inconspicuous pearls. The cheapest pearls on the market were more than ten times prettier than this.

“where did you get the money to buy the pearls? ” She immediately turned around and asked him.

The reason why she asked was because she knew that he probably wore the necklace by hand, because the necklaces sold could not be strung together with such a variety of pearls.

He smiled and hugged her even tighter. He put his head on her neck and looked at the two of them in the mirror. His thin lips exhaled a warm breath between her cheeks.

“I won’t tell you. ” He deliberately kept her in suspense. In the end, his thin lips stuck to her cheek and kissed her heavily before he asked, “Xiaoxiao, aren’t you going to give me a Christmas Eve gift? ”

His tone was full of ambiguity and his eyes were full of expectation. He even unconsciously held her body tighter and let her stay close to his body.

However, she immediately turned around. Perhaps it was because he held her too tightly and made it difficult for her to breathe, so she couldn’t help but push him away with her hand and said, “of course there is. Didn’t I just get 99 yuan? ”

She accompanied him to work as a part-time worker in the restaurant for a month. In the end, after deducting all the losses, she only had nine yuan left, and she used this 99 yuan to buy him a lighter.

He did not like smoking, but occasionally he smoked one or two. She saw that he usually used that kind of disposable lighter, and sometimes he ran out of gas and did not buy a new one. If he wanted to smoke, he had to turn on the gas stove to start a fire.

So, she bought him the cheapest lighter, which could be lit with gasoline. The lighter was originally 139 yuan, but she had to wring her tongue for a long time for the uncle who sold the lighter. Finally, she bought it back for ninety-nine yuan.

When she took out the lighter, he was stunned for a moment. Then he opened his mouth and hugged her in his arms. After a long while, he said excitedly to her, “you are a fool! ”