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Chapter 1684: Chapter 1684


At that time, Xi Lingheng often said to her, “Fang Xiao, when we get paid, I’ll give you a gift. ”

They got paid two days before Christmas, so on Christmas Eve, Xi Lingheng said mysteriously that he wanted to give her a gift so that she could guess what kind of gift he had prepared for her.

Of course, she couldn’t guess, but she remembered that they had been working at that restaurant every night for the past month, and they still had classes from Monday to Friday during the day. Only on Saturdays and Sundays during the day, the two of them would ride their bikes around the neighborhood.

“It’s a pair of chopsticks, ” she said tentatively.

He could not help but laugh out loud. He picked up a piece of meat and put it into her bowl. “Don’t we already have chopsticks? ”

Yes, she remembered now. This place used knives and forks to eat, and it was the same in his apartment. One day, she had a sudden urge to eat chopsticks, so the two of them went to a nearby store to look for them, but they still could not find them.

In the end, they went to buy a few big skewers of Turkey Barbecue. The skewers were very thick, so Xi lingheng used a fruit knife to cut the bamboo skewer and made two pairs of chopsticks.

“Is it a hairpin? ” She asked tentatively again.

He rolled his eyes at her. “Don’t you have a hairpin? Besides, wouldn’t your hair look better if it’s naturally loose? What hairpin do you need? ”

Hence, she could not guess because he was so poor and had a bad temper. He was determined not to accept the money she gave him. Every time they went out to play, he would not let her pay for it. He insisted on doing it himself. He was so stubborn that he had to suffer.

“I’m your man. It’s only right for me to earn money for you to spend! ” This was what he often said.

Therefore, after she fell in love with him, not only did she not ease his burden, but she also indirectly increased the burden of his life. As a result, she became more and more uncomfortable and went to work with him.

However, she was a rich lady. Not only did she not do any work at home, but she also had servants at home. Therefore, when she first went to work at the restaurant, not only did she not earn money, but she also spilled tea on the customers’clothes and broke the dishes when she was cleaning up Because when she walked, she knocked over the tray in the waiter’s hand and so on.

In short, after a month, he did receive some salary, and she also received some. However, after deducting that, there was only ninety-nine yuan left.

Therefore, she did not dare to think too much about his gift. It was just a little money. Moreover, it was new year’s here, and the restaurant was on vacation. She had to save that little money, otherwise it would not be enough for the two of them.

In the past two days, she had learned a lot. In the morning, she had breakfast at school before coming over. She deliberately bought a set of meals, but she could not finish it. Therefore, in the spirit of shame and waste, she came over to make breakfast for him. Otherwise, he would not eat breakfast again.

When the two of them were together at noon, they inevitably had to eat, but they could not afford to go out to eat, so she learned to cook. She bought discounted dishes from the nearby supermarket and learned to cook according to the recipe.

In the end, his cooking was better than hers. She was always the one who actively went to buy ingredients, and in the end, he was the one who busied himself with the dishes in the kitchen. The two of them sat in front of the short table and ate happily.

At that time, Xi Lingheng’s favorite saying was, “I want to make a lot of money. I want to make a lot of money so that I can marry Fang Xiao as my wife! “!

She could not guess that he would send her a gift, so she eventually shook her head to show that her imagination was lacking. At most, she could only think of chopsticks and hairpins.

He smiled proudly and ate his dinner with her. Then, he went behind her, picked her up, and sat her on his lap. He told her to close her eyes and said that he was going to send her a gift.