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Chapter 1683: Wasn’t chapter 1683 for you


Fang Xiao was hiding outside Professor Xi Lingheng’s office at the time. She was moved to tears when she heard his reply. Meng ran suddenly felt that this poor guy was actually very good. He was completely qualified to be her man.

That day, Xi Lingheng came out of the professor’s office and caught her who was still hiding outside. He immediately pulled her hand and ran to the court. There were many people playing basketball on the court at the moment.

The outdoor table tennis court was between the Basketball Court and the football court. He stepped on a table with one foot and pulled her up with his hand. He wrapped his arm around her waist and announced loudly to everyone “from today onwards, the Black Girl Fang Xiao is your girlfriend. Whoever dares to harass her again will be going against me, Xi Lingheng! ”

At that moment, the basketball court and the football court quieted down. After a moment of shock, there was a round of applause. She was hugged tightly by Xi Lingheng and her face instantly turned red.

Later on, Jenny and ruth asked her, do you think you’ll be happy with a poor boy like Xi Lingheng Or do you think he’ll bring you happiness in the future?

She always smiled and answered, “I believe we’ll be happy because true happiness has little to do with money. The most important thing is whether the two of them have the same mind and heart, and whether they put each other in their hearts. ”

She believed that she and Xi Lingheng would be happy, and she also believed that Xi Lingheng would make her happy. So, ever since Xi Lingheng publicly announced that she was his girlfriend, the two of them started to walk together openly.

Of course, she still stayed in the school dormitory, but after class every day, she would accompany Xi Lingheng to work. Xi Lingheng’s new job was to be a waiter in a restaurant, and his job was to be a waiter.

As for her, she went to the restaurant to be a receptionist, which meant that when the guests came, she would help prepare the tea and help with the paperwork. The two of them went to work together, and after work, they would ride his broken bicycle back together.

The restaurant’s business was good. They only got off work at nine o’clock every night, and when they left the restaurant, it was usually 9:30, so the two of them rode the broken bicycle to his small apartment together.

It was winter, and the wind was strong at night. She always hugged his strong waist from behind Meanwhile, he was pedaling his bicycle while singing the desolate version of “I want to go to Guilin. ” “I want to make a lot of money. I want to make a lot of money. When I have money, I will marry Fang Xiao! ”

She was giggling behind him. She put her face on his back and whispered to him, “stop singing. The stinky socks in your apartment haven’t been washed yet. They stink. ”

“Didn’t I leave them for you? ” He was not ashamed at all. He said with conviction, “do you think that everyone can help me wash the stinky socks? ”

She immediately laughed and hit his back with her hand, scolding him, “I’ve seen people with thick skin, but I’ve never seen anyone with thicker skin than you. Who would be willing to help you wash your stinky socks? ”

“Then where would you be willing to help me wash them? ” He stopped his bicycle in front of the apartment, then put his mouth close to her ear and teased, “why don’t we cook dinner tonight, and I’ll let you help me wash that place? ”

She immediately kicked him fiercely and angrily said, “in your dreams! ”

After scolding him, she immediately walked upstairs to his apartment, while he locked his bicycle at the back and laughed out loud. He seemed to be in a very good mood.

These days seemed to be very dull but they were also very happy. Fang Xiao gradually stopped teaching Jenny and Ruth Chinese. Instead, she spent every day with Xi Lingheng. The two of them were like a piece of gum, except for class and sleeping The rest of the time, they were practically glued together.