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Chapter 1682: Chapter 1682 is because she’s my woman


“President Dongfang, May I ask who you’re going to give this Pearl Necklace to? ” When the host asked this question, her gaze had already swept over to Gu Chenchen in the VIP seats.

Dongfang Yunheng looked at Gu Chenchen in the VIP seats with a smile and called out softly, “Chenchen, come up. I’ll help you put it on! ”

Fang Xiao watched Gu Chenchen carefully walk up to the stage in her high heels. She looked at the Pearl Necklace in Dongfang Yunheng’s hand, and her thoughts uncontrollably flew back to that Christmas Eve five years ago.

That was when she had been dating Xi Lingheng for almost two months. In Xi Lingheng’s words, she had already chased him down and forced him to become her man.

Every time she heard this, she did not know whether to laugh or cry. However, she could not be bothered to argue with this Ruffian man. After being kissed and bitten by him, she still obediently became his girlfriend.

Actually, when she became Xi Lingheng’s girlfriend, it was not that time when he took her away from the bar and brought her to his pitifully small apartment on a bicycle.

That night, she did not stay in Xi Lingheng’s apartment. Instead, she insisted on going back to the school dormitory. In the end, Xi Lingheng had no choice but to allow her to wash the clothes. Then, he took her fitting clothes and went upstairs to borrow a dryer to dry them for her After she changed into her own clothes, he finally sent her back to school.

In the next few days, she did not go to Xi Lingheng, and Xi Lingheng did not come to her either, perhaps because he was busy looking for a new job.

A week later, she was blocked by Mike at the school gate. At that time, Mike brought a group of people over and forced her to agree to be his girlfriend. He even said that if she did not agree, he would not give her face.

She was a girl who went abroad, and she was surrounded by so many men. She was so anxious that she almost cried. For a moment, she did not know what to do.

She did not like Mike. Although Mike had been wooing her for a long time, and he had been sending her flowers almost every day recently, she would throw them away every time.

However, the current situation was that if she did not agree to Mike’s request, she would obviously not be able to escape. If she agreed to Mike’s request, she would undoubtedly be jumping into a fire pit. Many people said that Mike was not serious when he was out, and his female friends would usually not last more than three months They would kick him away when they got tired of him, and some would even be sold to sex venues by him.

Just as she was forced into a corner and did not know what to do, Xi Lingheng suddenly dragged a chair and rushed over. Seeing Mike directly throw the chair at him, and behind Xi Lingheng.. There were actually more than a dozen boys dragging chairs.

That was the first time she had seen a group fight between boys. Xi Lingheng’s men quickly fought with Mike’s men, and Xi Lingheng and Mike struggled together. For the first time, she realized that Xi Lingheng’s Kung Fu was very good, and it did not take long for him to beat Mike to the ground.

The group fight caused by her ended in about ten minutes, and the reason for the end was that the winner and loser had been decided, and the other reason was that the security guards from the University of New Jersey had rushed over.

In the end, both parties were punished. They wrote reviews and demerits. Xi Lingheng was even punished to clean the auditorium for a week. His professor was so angry that he almost kicked him.

“Why are you so impulsive? ” The professor lectured him with a dark face. “Don’t you know that demerits are a stain on your life? ”

“because that’s my woman! ” Xi lingheng answered confidently. “My woman doesn’t allow others to bully her. A stain in your life is nothing compared to your own woman. ”