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Chapter 1678: Chapter 1678, personal secretary


“The president is in a meeting right now. The meeting will be over in about ten minutes. You have to make a cup of coffee for him. Sometimes, when the president wants to go out for dinner, you have to accompany him. ”

“Wait, does the secretary have to accompany the president for dinner? ” Fang Xiao quickly interrupted Lin Shanshan. She frowned and could not help but ask in confusion.

“You are the president’s personal secretary, ” Lin Shanshan still answered very politely. “personal secretaries don’t do other jobs. They mainly focus on taking care of the president’s life. By the way, the president has stomach problems. When you accompany him for dinner, remember to remind him to drink less alcohol and eat less spicy food. ”

“You still drink coffee when you have stomach problems? ” Fang Xiao could not help but mutter, but her voice was very low, so Lin Shanshan did not hear it clearly.

“What were you muttering about just now? ” Lin Shanshan turned around and looked at her.

“Nothing. ” Fang Xiao shook her head, then pointed to the coffee machine at the side and said, “I’ll make coffee now. ”

Lin Shanshan nodded and walked out of the spacious Pantry, which was bigger than many people’s villas’kitchens. This place would be Fang Xiao’s world from now on.

When the staff of the secretarial department saw Lin Shanshan coming out, they could not help but look at her curiously and ask, “where did you come from? And whose relatives are you? ”

“What relatives? The personnel department did not have eyes to recruit them. They were originally recruited into the project development department, but manager Wang refused to accept them no matter what. There’s no choice. Didn’t they just shove our secretarial department here? ” Lin Shanshan said seriously as if.. She had never seen Fang Xiao before.

“Aiyo, what kind of place do they think our secretarial department is? ” Xiao Li beside her was obviously dissatisfied She could not help but twitch her lips and say, “after Xiao Yun left, we were hoping for someone to do things quickly and share some of our work. In the end, with such a person, aren’t we… ”

“Didn’t they also share our work? ” Lin Shanshan’s face immediately darkened With a cold face, she said, “from now on, you don’t have to take turns to go to the pantry. You don’t have to worry about ordering meals for the president to deal with those women. These are the work of the personal secretaries. How is your burden heavier It’s clearly lighter, okay?”

The group of secretaries immediately fell silent. Lin Shanshan was their secretary-general and also Dongfang Yunheng’s chief secretary. They all had to listen to her.

Fang Xiao’s head started to hurt in the pantry. Lin Shanshan only told her to make coffee, but she did not say what flavor of Coffee Dongfang Yunheng wanted. For a moment, she did not know how to start.

To be honest, she did not know how to make coffee at all because making coffee was a skill, and she did not have the skill. Five years ago, when she and Xi Lingheng were in New Jersey, the two of them were at their most extravagant time They only bought a packet of instant coffee to drink.

She rummaged through the Pantry. There was actually a packet of instant coffee here. She did not know who it belonged to, perhaps it belonged to a secretary.

However, she could not care less now. She would borrow a packet first. At most, she would go to the mall to buy a packet at noon and return it.

Just as she finished brewing the instant coffee, Lin Shanshan was already calling for her. It must be Dongfang Yunheng who had returned from a meeting. She immediately used a tray to carry the coffee to the president’s office.

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