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Chapter 1677: Chapter 1677, staff of the Secretarial Department


“You are an official employee who has signed a contract with our company. You don’t have a probation period. ” Assistant Wu flipped through her file Then, she nodded with certainty. “Miss Fang, you indeed don’t have a probation period. Now, you are an official employee of our company. ”

Fang Xiao was immediately shocked beyond words. She stared blankly at Assistant Wu. After a long while, she said, “then, your company will fire me. Anyway, I’m so stupid and don’t know anything. I’m a burden in your company. ”

Assistant Wu shook her head She said helplessly, “Miss Fang, before the contract expires, if we fire you, we will have to compensate you for three months of your salary. You haven’t even made a single contribution to the company, yet we are giving you three months of salary for nothing. Do you think there is such a good thing in the world? ”

No, of course not. Therefore, after she joined the Dongfang Group, she really couldn’t leave for a while. Therefore, she asked helplessly, “then how long will it take for me to resign? ”

“according to the contract, you have to wait at least a year, ” assistant Wu replied in a very formal manner.

Fang Xiao didn’t understand. How did she become an official employee when she just joined the company Could it be that this was also the help of Liu Yijun’s friend If that was the case, then it would really be a bad help. She didn’t want to work under the old witch of the Project Development Department. If she didn’t tire herself to death, she would probably be scolded to death.

“But I really don’t know anything. ” Fang Xiao still had a very honest look on her face. She said with incomparable distress, “why don’t you transfer me to the cleaning department? I think I’ll probably be able to clean up or something like that. ”

Assistant Wu almost laughed out loud when he heard her words. Was this the person that Dongfang Yunheng had instructed him to definitely stay behind Wasn’t this a little too naive?

Although he was puzzled in his heart.. But he still said patiently, “then it’s better to go to the secretarial department. Secretary Lin said that her secretarial department lacks a personal secretary, which is Secretary Lin’s assistant. The main job is to help serve tea and clean up. You should be able to do this, right? ”

The corner of Fang Xiao’s mouth twitched a little and she didn’t say anything more. She had already come this far, and she couldn’t retreat now. She hoped that this so-called personal secretary who served tea and water didn’t have to deal with Dongfang Yunheng.

With this thought in mind, Fang Xiao followed this assistant Wu upstairs. When the elevator reached the top floor, she inexplicably had a bad premonition. The top floor of a group seemed to be the president’s office.

The entire top floor was Dongfang Yunheng’s office. His general manager’s office, his secretarial department, and these people all revolved around him.

Assistant Wu directly brought Fang Xiao to Lin Shanshan. Fang Xiao’s heart immediately skipped a beat. This Lin Shanshan was Dongfang Yunheng’s secretary, and if she came to be her assistant, then wouldn’t that be… …

Lin Shanshan was obviously stunned when she saw Fang Xiao’s attire, but she did not say anything and just asked her to go with her.

“Miss Fang, from today onwards, you will be the president’s personal secretary, ” Lin Shanshan said to her in a very professional manner. “The duties of a personal secretary are mainly responsible for the president’s daily life, such as making coffee, making tea, ordering meals for the president, helping him tidy up his office… … And taking care of his clothes when he goes out.”

Lin Shanshan talked about a lot of things, and Fang Xiao wrote them down in a pen. When Lin Shanshan turned to leave, she immediately called out to her, “well, what should I do now? ”