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Chapter 1676: Chapter 1676 was transferred to the secretarial department


“Fang Xiao, 24 years old this year. She graduated from G University. She has no work experience and no special skills, ” Fang Xiao answered manager Wang in a very calm voice.

“She graduated from g university without any experience and no special skills? ” Manager Wang was obviously very dissatisfied with her She could not help but snort coldly and said, “alright, now that the personnel department is recruiting people, don’t they have eyes? Is My project development department a place for collecting waste products? You even threw such a person over to me? ”

After saying this, he immediately turned his office chair, took her file bag from the bookcase, and threw it to her, “go back to the personnel department yourself. Just say that my project development department doesn’t accept trash. ”

No matter how good-tempered Fang Xiao was, she was still angered by manager Wang. This person had only met her for less than three minutes, yet he was already scolding her with trash. Did he have such a superior?

“You don’t have to use me. In fact, you can just fire me directly, ” Fang Xiao’s voice sounded cold and firm She looked at manager Wang and said, “however, everyone has their dignity. You always talk about trash. From this, we can see that you are one of these things. ”

“Wow, you rebelled against me? ” Manager Wang stood up immediately and pointed at Fang Xiao, who had just turned around and walked towards the office door. She shouted, “who the F * Ck Are you? Maybe you came in because of some connections? Trash like you… ”

“manager Wang, who are you scolding this time? ” A young man who was not even 30 years old walked in and interrupted manager Wang. Then, his gaze paused on Fang Xiao for two seconds before he smiled and said, “why? Did the newcomer offend you? ”

When manager Wang saw this young man, his anger from before instantly dissipated He stood up and complained to the young man, “Assistant Wu, don’t you know that the people in the personnel department are getting more and more disgraceful these days? They actually pushed an unknown fresh university graduate who doesn’t have any special abilities to me. Why didn’t they push her to the finance department and the Secretarial Department? ”

When this assistant Wu heard manager Wang’s words, she frowned slightly. Then, she took Fang Xiao’s file bag and opened it to take a look Then, she said indifferently to manager Wang, “you can’t blame the personnel department for this. Miss Fang is applying for the project development department. If I don’t send her to you, where else can I send her? ”

“Anyway, I don’t want this person. ” Manager Wang raised his head and looked like he was unwilling to compromise He looked at Fang Xiao with contempt and said, “look at her. She’s wearing black-framed glasses, a loose uniform, and no makeup. She looks like she’s in the dirt. Can she take on the work of the Project Development Department? ”

“Why don’t I transfer you to the secretarial department? ” The assistant named Wu looked at Fang Xiao with some difficulty and asked tentatively.

“I don’t know how to be a secretarial, ” Fang Xiao immediately refused and then added, “how about I find another job if I really can’t? This Dongfang Group has high requirements. I definitely can’t get used to it. ”

“Miss Fang, you just finished the entry procedures. If you resign now, according to the contract, you have to compensate our company for three months of losses, ” assistant Wu reminded her very friendly. The person who resigned at this time was a fool.

“Isn’t there a probation period? ” Fang Xiao was obviously stunned. Just now, the personnel department asked her to sign it and she signed it. In her opinion, any company had a probation period.