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Chapter 1675: Chapter 1675, Project Development Department


Fang Xiao walked out of the Dongfang Group’s entrance with mixed feelings. She saw Lin yile standing beside her with her head lowered. When she saw her, she immediately asked, “Fang Xiao, have you been accepted? ”

Fang Xiao nodded blankly In the end, Lin Yile huffed and said, “D * Mn it, why are you so lucky? I still have experience. I used to be the general manager’s secretary in other small companies. I came here to apply for a secretary’s assistant, but the Dongfang Group actually didn’t want me. ”

Fang Xiao quickly tried to comfort her. It was better to go to work in another company first and come again when Dongfang Group was recruiting again. Moreover, sometimes, working in a big company was not necessarily better than working in a small company.

Lin Yile was very depressed because she did not enter Dongfang Group. When she separated from Fang Xiao, she especially gave her cell phone number to Fang Xiao, saying that she would call her when Dongfang Group was recruiting again in the future.

After she separated from Lin Yile, Liu Yijun called and asked her about the results of the application. She quickly said that she had been accepted, but she did not really want to work in Dongfang Group.

Liu Yijun immediately criticized her on the phone, saying, “How could you do this? “?

“I spent a lot of effort to get you into the Dongfang Group. I even treated you to a big meal at noon and spent several hundred yuan. If you don’t go to work, won’t my money go down the drain? ” “Are you worthy of me and my cousin? “?

“Besides, if you don’t work at the Dongfang Group, where are you going to work? ” “If there’s no one in the company, can an inexperienced person like you easily get into a big company? “?

And in Binhai, would the wages of other large companies be higher than that of the Dongfang Group?

Fang Xiao immediately fell silent. She had no experience in finding a job, and she had even less work experience. Therefore, when Liu Yijun said her, she could not refute anything.

So she thought again, the Dongfang Group was so big, with dozens of floors and so many departments, with tens of thousands of employees. Dongfang Yunheng was the president, so how could he pay attention to her?

Moreover, even if she was accepted by the Dongfang Group’s Project Development Department, Dongfang Yunheng might not know. After all, the project development department was only one of the many departments of the Dongfang Group, and she was just a small employee who had just entered.

With this thought, she immediately felt much more relaxed. Seeing that the Dongfang Group’s salary was not cheap, and seeing that Liu Yijun had spent so much effort to get her into the Dongfang Group, even if she took a risk, she still had to go to work.

Fang Xiao had always been a vague concept of the project development department, and now that she was so poor that she did not have a computer to use, she could not find out what kind of department the Project Development Department was So much so that when she went to the Dongfang group the next day to go through the entry procedures, her mind was still in a daze.

After the entry procedures were completed, she was led to the Project Development Department by the personnel department’s Miss. She pushed open a door and walked in. She called out to the middle-aged woman behind the desk inside, “manager Wang, there’s a new person. I’ll leave him to you. ”

After the personnel department’s Miss said this, she immediately placed the file bag in her hand on manager Wang’s desk. She turned around and walked out of the office door.

The middle-aged woman looked to be in her forties. She raised her eyebrows and glanced at Fang Xiao. She grabbed the file and threw it into the bookcase behind her. She did not even glance at the contents of the file Then, she stared at Fang Xiao and asked unhappily, “name, age, what is your graduation, and what are your specialties? ”