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Chapter 1672: Chapter 1672, fate years


Fang Xiao bit her lip. She had seen the name, but the resume was so gorgeous that she felt like she had been struck by lightning. That was why she had asked Liu Yijun that question.

If a ring was used to describe a resume, then the resume that Liu Yijun had written for her was undoubtedly a ten-carat pink diamond, while her previous resume was at most a straw-woven circle.

“Okay, don’t be sad. I’ll help you put your resume in the recruitment mailbox of the Oriental Group. ” Liu Yijun reminded her as she left. “When you’re looking for a job, you don’t rely entirely on your real education. A lot of times, you have to rely on luck. ”

Not only did Liu Yijun help her send her resume to the recruitment mailbox of the eastern group, but she also sent a copy to her usual email account, telling her that if the eastern group didn’t succeed in applying for the job.. Then she would send a few more copies of these resumes to other large companies.

Of course, Liu Yijun had already called the person she knew in the personnel department of the Eastern Group. She told Fang Xiao’s name and told her to take care of her.

Liu Yijun went to work. Fang Xiao Thought of her ten-carat Pink Diamond resume and felt uneasy. The Eastern Group was a world-famous large company. It shouldn’t be so easy to sneak in, right?

Fang Xiao arrived at Dongfang Group at two o’clock in the afternoon. As expected, there was a recruitment meeting here. Fang Xiao wore a black business suit with low heels and waited quietly with many applicants.

“What position are you applying for? ” A girl who was about the same age as her probably was the same person, so she took the initiative to talk to her.

“I. . . I think it’s the planning department and the Project Development Department, ” Fang Xiao said truthfully because Liu Yijun had filled in the planning department in her resume, and she had indeed studied planning in the past …

“Oh, then you have two departments to choose from. ” The girl was probably bored from waiting, so she immediately started chatting with her. “I’m a secretarial major. I’m here today to apply for a clerical job. ”

“Yeah, I think we’re looking for two secretarial assistants. ” Fang Xiao glanced at the electronic display in front of the Dongfang Group, and the content of the recruitment was scrolling on it.

“I’m here to apply for a secretarial assistant, ” Lin Yile said with some excitement. “I heard that the secretarial assistant of the Dongfang group can often see the president of the Dongfang Group, and the president of the Dongfang Group is very handsome. He’s the diamond man in the eyes of the unmarried women in Bincheng. ”

Fang Xiao saw the girl’s infatuated look and could not help but smile and say, “it’s so good to be young. YOU DARE TO DREAM OF ANYTHING! ”

“Young? ” Lin yile looked at Fang Xiao with a slightly surprised look and could not help but ask, “are you very old? ”

“I’m… I’m 24 years old, ” Fang Xiao was slightly stunned and said with some embarrassment …

In fact, what she said about being young was psychological. Her real age was not old, but after experiencing the changes in her family, her psychological age was already very, very old.

“PFFT… ” Lin Yile could not help but laugh out loud. She used her hand to pretend to push Fang Xiao and teased, “Damn, I’m 23 this year. You say I’m young, but is 24 really that old? It’s just a natal year. ”

“Yes, yes, yes, I’m a natal year. ” Fang Xiao immediately nodded and echoed her words. “That’s why I feel like I’m old. ”

“Eh, a natal year? ” Lin yile heard Fang Xiao’s words and then went on to say, “I heard that a natal year is very bad. Did you wear red inside like other people? To Ward off evil? ”