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Chapter 1671: Chapter 1671 was called a resume


Fang Xiao quickly said that there was no need. She had rented a single room, so it was no longer a problem for her to stay. Now that she was looking for a job, she did not dare to be idle, and she could not afford to be idle either.

Liu Yijun brought her to KFC across from the Sun Department Store and sat down. Fang Xiao immediately went to buy two cups of Coke with ice. Liu Yijun drank the coke and told her that the Sun Department Store’s office was not hiring right now However, their head office, the Dongfang Group, was recruiting people. They said that she could go for an interview, and she knew an assistant in the head office’s personnel department. She would call her later to see if she could make an exception.

“Look, this is the oriental group’s signature condition. ” Liu Yijun found the Oriental Group’s signature notice in her notebook and pushed the small notebook in front of Fang Xiao.

Fang Xiao quickly glanced at the Oriental Group’s recruitment notice Then, she frowned and said, “Liu Yijun, the Oriental group’s requirements are so high. Look at the recruitment conditions. Famous universities such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Fudan University, and Zhongshan University graduate students… … I still need three to five years of experience. I’m just a fresh graduate from G University. I don’t have any work experience. How can people like me ?

“Fine, don’t look at that. ” Liu Yijun rolled her eyes at her Then, she said indifferently, “Besides, g university isn’t bad. Besides, you went to the United States to study, didn’t you “later, pass your resume over. Not everyone in the Personnel Department of the Oriental Group is so bright-eyed. Maybe someone who isn’t awake will see you as a turtle and recruit you “How do you know you can’t do it if you don’t try? ”

Fang Xiao didn’t know what to say after hearing Liu Yijun’s words. After all, she had never looked for a job before, and she didn’t have any experience in looking for a job. Therefore, she didn’t know whether Liu Yijun’s words were true or false.

“By the way, have you written your resume? Let me see it. ” Liu Yijun put down the chopsticks in her hand and motioned for Fang Xiao to pass her resume.

Fang Xiao nodded and immediately handed her the resume that she had written for a long time in the morning.

Liu Yijun looked at her resume and frowned. She couldn’t help but ask in a low voice, “Fang Xiao, you’ve never written a resume before. Haven’t you even read other people’s resumes? ”

“I’m writing it according to the format of the resume. ” Fang Xiao took out a photocopied resume and looked at it. Then she looked at Liu Yijun and said, “I’m filling it out truthfully. What’s wrong? CAN’T I? ”

“Okay, okay, wait here. I’ll help you write a resume. ” Liu Yijun pulled her laptop over as she spoke and started typing furiously.

Fang Xiao felt that Liu Yijun was a little funny. She had only met her once before, and this was the second time they had met. The only thing they knew about each other was that Luo Qili had told her about this person. How could she help her write her resume?

However, twenty minutes later, Liu Yijun pushed her laptop in front of Fang Xiao again. “Take a look. This is called a resume. That’s your personal profile. ”

Fang Xiao stared at the document on the notebook for a full ten minutes. She frowned and pondered for another five minutes. Finally, she asked hesitantly, “Liu Yijun, whose resume are you writing? ”

Liu Yijun was drinking a coke with ice. When she heard Fang Xiao’s question, she almost spat it out. However, she coughed twice She wiped her mouth with a tissue and rolled her eyes at her. “Didn’t you see Fang Xiao’s name clearly written on it? ”