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Chapter 1670: Chapter 1670 in times of crisis


“then you can rent a house in Area F, ” the man’s voice was still cold and emotionless.

“Can I rent a house in Area L in the suburbs? ” She asked carefully, then quickly explained, “the houses in the suburbs are cheaper. ”

She had already asked around. Renting a single apartment in a village in the suburbs was about 500 to 600 yuan, which would save a lot of money. Now, after she paid her brother’s tuition fees for two semesters, she was so poor that she had no money.

“I remember that the agreement states that you have to be on call 24 hours a day, ” his cold voice came from the phone. It was as cold and piercing as the Siberian wind. “You live in the suburbs. What if I want it? Can you guarantee that you can come over at any time? ”

Fang Xiao immediately fell silent. Dongfang Yunheng on the other side of the phone did not give her a chance to speak, because he had already hung up the phone with a snap.

The next day, in order to rent a cheaper apartment, Fang Xiao had almost searched the entire village in Area F. actually, it was very convenient to find an intermediary to rent an apartment, but the intermediary had to charge an intermediary fee, and she did not want to pay the intermediary fee So she could only follow the alley in the village and look at the advertisements on the walls.

Finally, she rented a simple bachelor apartment in a village in the city three kilometers away from the Dongfang building. The kind with a kitchen and bathroom cost two thousand yuan a month.

After renting the house, she bought some daily necessities. Since she had to find a job to work, she went to the wholesale market to buy two sets of business clothes for herself.

After she finished setting up the temporary home, she was almost completely exhausted. She fried a box of noodles at the rice noodle shop in the village in the city and wolfed it down.

After taking a shower, she didn’t even care that her hair was still wet and just fell asleep on the bed.

She was too tired, especially after her father had a kidney transplant surgery. She almost didn’t sleep well. She stayed with her father all day and night until his warm body turned into an ice-cold corpse.

Fang Xiao called Luo Qili’s cousin, Liu Yijun, the next morning. Perhaps Luo Qili had called Liu Yijun in advance to tell her about her condition, so Liu Yijun heard that it was Fang Xiao and didn’t say anything She immediately asked her to wait for her at the entrance of Sun Department Store in the morning.

Although Fang Xiao wasn’t familiar with Binhai, Sun Department Store was a famous shopping center in Binhai, and it was located in the prosperous business circle of Binhai. So, anyone who asked would know where to go to Sun department store.

Because she needed to find a job, Liu Yijun asked her to write her resume over the phone. So, Fang Xiao wrote another resume at home and sent it to the photo studio in the city village to be photocopied Then, she took the bus to Sun Department Store according to the route that the owner of the photo studio told her.

When Fang Xiao rushed to Sun department store, it was just past 10 o’clock in the morning. Liu Yijun found an excuse to come out. Fang Xiao had seen Liu Yijun once at Luo Qili’s house. Although they hadn’t talked, they had talked to each other, so she had some impression of Liu Yijun The two of them recognized each other as soon as they met.

Liu Yijun was very warm-hearted. When they met, she immediately asked where she lived. There was no room for rent. If there was no room for rent, they could squeeze in at her place. She said that she rented a room and a living room. Usually, almost no one went to her house, and the living room could actually fit a bed.