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Chapter 1669: Chapter 1669 had to go back to Bincheng


Fang Xiao nodded as if she had thought of something, so she quickly said to Luo Qili, “Oh right, I’ll transfer Fang Chen’s money for this semester to you when I get back. I’ve troubled you to pay for so long, it’s really… ”

“If you don’t have it, then there’s no need to be in such a hurry. I don’t need money now anyway, ” Luo Qili quickly interrupted her.

“My father died, and I still have 100,000 yuan left, ” Fang Xiao said truthfully. “Not only do I plan to transfer the money for this semester, I also plan to transfer the money for the next semester because I’m worried that if I accidentally spend it, I might really not be able to pay Fang Chen’s fees. ”

Fang Chen attended this special school. Not only did he have to pay for tuition and miscellaneous fees, books, materials, tutoring fees for special classes, living expenses, and special care fees for Aunties, but he also had to pay 50,000 yuan for a semester.

Luo Qili did not say anything more after hearing her words. After all, she was only a teacher at the school. A few months ago, she could not even cover Fang Chen’s expenses. In the end, she went to the finance department to use her salary as a guarantee Only then did the school allow Fang Chen to continue staying here.

“Fang Xiao, our school just happens to be short of a music teacher. I remember that you once learned to play the piano, right? ” Luo Qili kindly suggested to Fang Xiao. “If you can stay at the school as a teacher, then you don’t have to hire an aunt to take care of your brother, and you can also stay by your brother’s side. This is a good thing that kills two birds with one stone. ”

Fang Xiao also knew that this was a good thing that killed two birds with one stone. If she had not sold herself for 500,000 to Xi Lingheng, then she would definitely choose to stay at Huicheng’s special school and stay by her brother’s side, Chen Chen.

However, she had already sold herself, and that man wanted her to be at his Beck and call. Huicheng was more than 100 kilometers away from Binhai, so how could she be at his Beck and call?

Even though her father was dead, she still had to fulfill the contract to sell her body. After all, her name was written in black and white on it.

So, she politely rejected Luo Qili’s good intentions She said softly, “I still have to go back to Binhai to look for a job. After all, the salary there is much higher, and the special school’s salary, aside from my and Fang Chen’s living expenses, has no surplus. If anything happens to Fang Chen, I don’t have any extra money to take out. ”

After hearing what Fang Xiao said, Luo Qili didn’t try to persuade her to stay. She knew Fang Xiao’s current situation, so she quickly gave her cousin’s cell phone number.

“My cousin, Liu Yijun, works at Binhai Sun Department Store. She seems to be the assistant manager of the purchasing department. It is said that she earns a lot of money a year. She rented a room and a living room. If you don’t have a place to live in Binhai, you can look for her. Maybe she can help you find a job at Sun Department Store, ” Luo Qili said to her.

Fang Xiao thanked Luo Qili and then said goodbye to Auntie Chen. She hurried to the bus stop because she hadn’t forgotten that she didn’t belong to herself anymore She belonged to the man who bought her for 500,000 yuan.

While she was still on the bus, her cell phone rang. She pressed the answer button and heard the man’s cold voice, “haven’t you finished your father’s business yet? ”

“Yes, I have. ” She bit her lip and added, “I’m on the bus from Huicheng to Binhai. ”