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Chapter 1668: Chapter 1668 you still have Fang Chen


Fang Xiao held the transparent plastic bottle with both hands. It was actually an ordinary small candy bottle with red and Blue Stars in it. Each one was Chen Chen’s heart.

Her nose became sour again, and warm liquid surged into her eyes again. She seemed to say, Chen Chen, you don’t have a brother-in-law anymore. You’ll never have a brother-in-law anymore because your sister didn’t marry that man at all.

Of course, these words could only be kept in the bottom of her heart and couldn’t be said. Moreover, Fang Chen wouldn’t understand even if she said it. She clenched the plastic bottle tightly and looked at her brother on the hospital bed. Her heart warmed up bit by bit.

She was not alone. Even if her parents had both left her, she still had her younger brother. She would depend on her younger brother.

“sister, don’t you like it? ” Fang Chen saw that Fang Xiao was staring at the bottle without saying a word, so she quickly asked nervously.

“How can I not like it? ” Fang Xiao immediately came back to her senses and hugged Chen Chen’s head She planted a heavy kiss on his forehead. “thank you, Chen Chen. I like it very much! Chen Chen, quickly lie down and get your injection. If you don’t fall down in the future, I will like Chen Chen even more. ”

“Hehehe, ” Chen Chen laughed happily and obediently lay down on the bed. He even muttered softly, “who asked me not to come and visit Chen Chen? I often come to visit Chen Chen, so Chen Chen won’t fall down. ”

“MMM, then I will come and visit Chen Chen more often in the future, okay? ” Fang Xiao immediately pulled the blanket over Chen Chen and covered him with it. As she helped him Tuck in the corner of the blanket, she gently coaxed him.

“But, why is mom not coming to visit Chen Chen anymore? ” Fang Chen lay on the bed and whispered, “could it be that mom is getting married too? ”

Fang Xiao felt extremely sad. She pondered for a long time before she calmed herself down. She gently stroked Fang Chen’s forehead and said in a low voice, “mom went abroad. It will take a long time for her to come back. ”

“Then, is dad going abroad too? ” Chen Chen’s low voice sounded.

“Yes, ” Fang Xiao replied softly.

“Then, is sister going abroad too? ”

“I’m not going, ” Fang Xiao immediately answered her brother’s question. Then, she kissed his cheek and comforted him, “If sister doesn’t go abroad, sister will stay with Chen Chen in the country. ”

Fang Chen widened his bright eyes and looked at Fang Xiao. After a while, he carefully asked, “then… when can I live with sister? ”

Fang Xiao was stunned again. After thinking for a while, she smiled and said to him, “when Chen Chen graduates, Chen Chen has to work hard and try to graduate early. Sister will come and bring Chen Chen Home, okay? ”

“Okay. ” Chen Chen finally smiled. She stretched out her little finger and tried to pinky swear with Fang Xiao, “sister, don’t go back on your word! ”

“I won’t go back on my word. I definitely won’t GO BACK ON MY WORD! ” Fang Xiao immediately stretched out her little finger and pulled on Fang Chen’s little finger. “pinky swear, don’t change it for a Hundred Years! ”

Finally, Fang Chen was coaxed to sleep. When he heard his heavy snoring, Fang Xiao kissed him on the forehead and walked out of the observation room.

“Fang Xiao, how’s your father’s surgery? ” Luo Qili sent Fang Xiao out of the hospital and quickly asked with concern.

“My father… is already dead. ” Fang Xiao’s voice was choked with sobs, but she stubbornly did not let her tears fall. “I sent my father’s ashes back today. ”

“I’m sorry, ” Luo Qili quickly apologized. Then, she sighed and patted Fang Xiao’s shoulder. “I’m sorry for your loss. You still have Fang Chen. ”