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Chapter 1664: Chapter 1664: Don’t blame Cai Wei


After reciting the Chinese Bodhisattva, she recited the Foreign God: “Lord, although I have never believed in your religion before, and even though I have never prayed before meals, today… ” “I still have the cheek to ask you to protect my father. You must let him get through this difficult time. You must let him have a new life. From now on, whether before meals or bedtime, I will pray every day and remember the Lord every day. ” Thank you, Lord, for your grace.

I don’t know if the Lord Buddha and Guanyin Bodhisattva could hear Fang Xiao’s prayers, or if the foreign lord was also moved by Fang Xiao. In short, ten hours later, Fang Anbang was pushed out of the operating theater.

“The surgery was very successful! ” This was what the attending doctor told Fang Xiao.

However, Fang Xiao did not have the time to bow to the doctor to thank him The attending doctor said again, “a successful surgery does not mean that everything will be fine. After all, the patient’s body was filled with someone else’s kidney. As for whether this unfamiliar kidney is compatible with Fang Anbang’s body, we will only know after 72 hours. ”

Because of the attending doctor’s words, Fang Xiao’s heart, which had just fallen into her heart, was raised to her throat again. Then, she stayed in front of her father’s bed, waiting for his rejection period to pass.

In the beginning, body and kidney rejection was a normal phenomenon, because any patient had to go through such a period. Usually, after the rejection period was the fusion period. It would be fine once they entered the fusion period.

Unfortunately, Fang Anbang’s rejection period never passed. The prime time had passed 72 hours, but his body and the kidney were still rejecting each other. There was no sign of fusion at all.

Fang Xiao hurriedly went to find the attending doctor in charge of Fang Anbang. She wanted to ask if she could use chemotherapy or dialysis to give him some help.

The expert told him mercilessly that in Fang Anbang’s situation, chemotherapy could not give him any help, and dialysis had completely lost its meaning. If he still could not enter the harmonious period within 120 hours, then.. There was nothing they could do.

120 hours, that was five days after Fang Anbang’s surgery, Fang Anbang’s body finally could not hold on anymore. The life-saving medicine and nutrition needle could not hold on to his failing body and various organs That was because the transplanted kidney had never been used to get along with his body.

In the end, Fang Anbang’s life came to an end. Fang Xiao had no other choice but to cry silently. As Fang Anbang’s only daughter, she had put in all her effort for her father’s life. She had even sold herself.

However, such hard work, such painstaking effort, and finally, the facts proved to her once again that there was no direct ratio between effort and reward. Her efforts and efforts once again yielded the result of failure.

Guanyin Bodhisattva and Tathagata Buddha did not protect her father, and the Lord of the Foreign School did not stand on her side. She even wondered if this had something to do with her not burning incense or thinking about the Lord It seemed that it was useless to rush to the Buddha’s feet at the last minute.

Fang Anbang still woke up from the shock. Fang Xiao walked in and looked at her father. Fang Anbang’s Ashen face revealed a guilty expression as he looked at her He said intermittently, “Xiao Xiao… Daddy is gone… take care of mom and Chen Chen… Xiao Xiao… don’t blame Cai Wei… that’s what Daddy… owes her… ”