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Chapter 1663: Chapter 1663 Father’s surgery


During those four years, although she did not marry into the Qiu family, she often went to the Qiu family in the name of Qiu Yitang’s fianc��e. She kept Madam Qiu warm from the cold, served tea for the Old Lady of the Qiu family, and did her best to be the future daughter-in-law of the Qiu family.

However, what did she get in exchange for such hard work?

What she got in exchange was that the day before the wedding, she was set up to take so-called erotic photos. It was the bankruptcy of the Fang family on the wedding day, and he brought her once best sister to humiliate her. He even called her a ruined woman.

Ruined woman Thinking of Qiu Yitang cursing in front of everyone on the wedding day, her heart felt as if it had been stabbed by a knife.

She did not know when Du Caiwei and Qiu Yitang got together, nor did she know why Du Caiwei set her up In her memory, she and Du Caiwei should have been good sisters.

She did not remember who had said such a sentence: friends were either used or sold.

And her once best friend and sister, Du Caiwei, not only used her, but also sold her out.

“there is no woman in the world who is more stupid than you! ” This was her other good friend, Luo Qili, scolding her. Although it was unpleasant, it hit the nail on the head.

She was indeed the most stupid woman. If she was not that stupid, why would she fall for Qiu Yitang and Du Caiwei’s trap Why would she let herself go to the point where her family was destroyed?

Fang Anbang’s kidney transplant surgery was carried out on Friday morning. Fang Xiao had been coughing for the past two days because she had caught a cold, so her body was not very good.

At the door of the operating theater, Fang Anbang looked at his daughter who was still coughing and could not help but say with concern, “Xiao Xiao, don’t only care about your father’s health. Your own health is also very important. Go and find a doctor to take a look later. ”

“Yes, I know. ” Fang Xiao grabbed her father’s bony hand and quickly changed the topic. “Dad, I just caught a small cold. It’s not a big deal. You have to be well inside. You have to survive. Your daughter is waiting for you outside the door. ”

“okay, I will. ” Fang Anbang nodded and shook Fang Xiao’s hand hard. Then, he was pushed into the operating theater by the nurse.

Fang Xiao signed the surgery list and supplementary agreement that the doctor handed to her. In fact, it was just some information about the risks of the surgery and the various adverse reactions after the surgery.

The doctor had already said that as long as it was a surgery, there would be certain risks. Even the most common Caesarean operation still had risks.

However, people could not not take risks just because they were worried about the risks. If they did not take risks, they would not be able to get a new life.

She had been coughing in a low voice. The day before yesterday, she fainted in Dongfang Yunheng’s suite at the Heavenly Cloud pavilion and was given an IV drip. Indeed, she did not have a fever anymore, but her cough had been accompanying her.

Even though she was coughing, she did not leave the operating theater’s door. She just sat at the door of the operating theater and waited for her father to come out.

The doctor said that the operating time was uncertain. It had to depend on the actual situation. It might take three to five hours, seven to eight hours, or even more than ten hours.

No matter how many hours it took, she had to wait for her father here. She had to wait for him to come out safely. She had to wait for him to completely get rid of his illness and get a new life.

The surgery lasted for a full ten hours, from ten in the morning to eight in the evening. During these ten hours, Fang Xiao had been standing guard outside the surgery door. She had been putting her hands together and silently chanting in her heart, “save the suffering and salvation of Buddha Guanyin Bodhisattva. ” “empress of the Jade Emperor, please ensure that my father, Fang Anbang, comes out of the operating room safely and safely. Please ensure that the surgery is successful without any complications or sequelae. “.