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Chapter 1662: Chapter 1662. There was no direct ratio between effort and reward


“I can work, right? ” Fang Xiao handed him the signed contract and said carefully, “Your Agreement said that I have freedom. I want to ask, does this freedom include work? ”

“Work? ” Dongfang Yunheng frowned slightly. He had never thought about this question. It seemed that he had neglected this point when he made the agreement.

In fact, he had made the agreement in a hurry. He had not thought about it carefully. Although he said that he would buy her for a year, he did not want to buy her a house or rent a house to raise her like a canary.

One reason was that he did not want to have a place like that where he could keep a mistress That would be a price reduction for him, and the purpose of buying her for a year was not to make her his mistress.

He wanted her to see with her own eyes how happy and happy he was now, how he was in love with other women, how his life was like the icing on the cake after they were separated, how colorful it was How it was like having both fame and fortune and love.

So, he pondered for a moment and said, “okay, as long as you can be on call, I don’t have that much time and energy to care about you. Do whatever you want. ”

After saying that, he got up and walked out of the door. He turned around to look at the woman who was still standing there in a daze, and his cold face sank again.

UGH, it was still the same as five years ago. His reaction was always so slow. He was really a piece of wood!

“Aren’t you leaving yet? ” His voice was as cold as his face. “Didn’t you say you needed money urgently? Aren’t you in a hurry now? If you’re not in a hurry, then give it to me first. I’ll give it to you when you need money. ”

Only then did Fang Xiao react. She quickly ran out of the door, afraid that he would suddenly go back on his word. In her panic, she even forgot to call Xi Lingheng.

She had already gotten the 500,000 yuan. As for how he would torture her in the future, that was a matter for the future. Right now, she had to do her father’s kidney transplant surgery as soon as possible because her father could no longer afford to wait.

Fang Xiao took the 500,000 yuan cheque and went to the bank that afternoon to exchange the money back. Then, she called the person she had already contacted and said that she had already gotten the 300,000 yuan and could carry out the transaction at any time.

Buying and selling kidneys was illegal, so her transaction was considered a black transaction. However, she could not care about that anymore. If she did not get a kidney transplant because of uremia, her father would only be waiting to die, and a kidney transplant was the only hope.

Of course, a kidney transplant surgery might not be 100% successful. The doctor also said that the success rate of any surgery was risky, and the success rate of a kidney transplant was slightly lower, about 50% .

A 50% chance was not small. Moreover, when she was young, her mother had said that there was no absolute success in anything. No matter what she did, it would be 50% and 50% .

Half of it depended on God, and the other half depended on hard work. As long as one put in effort, there would be a return!

Although, the experience of the past month or so had shown that in fact, it was not really possible to have a return just by putting in the effort. Many times, even if you put in the effort, there might not necessarily be a return.

Moreover, even if there was a return, it might not necessarily be the return you were looking for. Perhaps, it was the evil retribution that you had never thought of.

Just like her marriage to Qiu Yitang!

Four years ago, when she and Qiu Yitang were engaged, she listened to her mother’s teachings and wholeheartedly wanted to be a good wife and mother. Therefore, she had been obediently waiting for Qiu Yitang to return from abroad to marry her.