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Chapter 1661: Chapter 1661 he was a Germaphobe


Five years ago, she had signed a promise with him, and that promise was completely different from this agreement, because that agreement was an agreement that they expressed their loyalty to each other.

She still remembered that there were only two sentences in that agreement, and the simplest two sentences were their signatures.

At that time, they were really young. The 18-year-old young girl and the 20-year-old young man had just started their relationship, but they had given each other such a deep promise in such a simple time, yet they had never thought that such a promise to the young them.. Who could carry it? Who could carry it?

Fang Xiao stared at the ‘body-selling agreement’ in her hand without turning her eyes away. She seemed to be very serious, but in fact, she did not even need to see a single word clearly because her eyes had long been blurred by tears.

The reason why she had kept this agreement in front of her eyes and covered her entire face was actually because she did not want him to discover her current weakness, helplessness, and heartache.

If she could go back in time and go back to the past, back to the year when she was in the United States with him five years ago, would she still say those cold and heartless words to him? Would she abandon him in the world of ice and snow and turn around and leave without a care.

She did not know. Perhaps she would still do it She had always been a heartless person. She had always been a short-sighted person. She had never been a person who knew how to persevere and how to be strong.

“Is there any problem with this agreement? ” Yun Heng saw that she had been looking at the agreement for half an hour and still had not put it down. He could not help but frown and asked with a cold face.

“Oh, there’s no problem. ” Her emotions that had fluctuated just now had been completely stabilized under the cover of the agreement. She put it down gently, and there was no trace of sadness on her face.

She pondered for a moment, then looked at him and said very honestly, “about that… I’m not a virgin anymore. ”

Yun Heng was obviously stunned. He did not expect her to talk to him about this, so his heart could not help but thump After a long while, he said very plainly, “I didn’t have any expectations in this regard. After all, you’ve already gotten married to another man. It’s normal that the membrane isn’t there anymore. ”

Fang Xiao originally wanted to say that the loss of my membrane had nothing to do with the man who abandoned me, but she wanted to come back. What was her relationship with Xi Lingheng now He had already said that he did not expect it, so why did she have to say it so clearly?

So, she picked up the pen on the coffee table, opened the cover of the pen, and quickly found the woman’s prescription. She steadily owed her name: Fang Xiao!

She only had the courage to read the contract after signing it. In fact, the content was very simple. The man would not provide her with a place to live, and he would not look for her every day. The only requirement was that she could not turn off her phone 24 hours a day. When he wanted her, he would call her She had to maintain the state of being on call.

Therefore, she was really just selling herself. Xi lingheng would not give her any extra money for food, clothing, and accommodation. In other words, she could actually move around freely. He would not restrict her at all.

Of course, there was another condition. For a period of one year, she could not date other men. She could only belong to him alone because he was a Germaphobe.

He was a Germaphobe Fang Xiao could not help but laugh when she saw this. Could it be that she was not a Germaphobe?

On the man’s side, Xi Lingheng’s signature was in full swing. It made her two words, Fang Xiao, look extremely ugly.