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Chapter 1660: Chapter 1660-500,000 a year


However, she did not expect that she would actually collapse in Xi Lingheng’s suite. She had really lost face. He must be looking down on her even more, right?

Thinking of this, she could not help but mock herself in her heart. She had already come this far. In front of him, she was already a person who had lost all her dignity. How could she lose face?

Lin Shanshan went out to make a phone call. The young man took a thermometer and let her clamp it under her armpit. It looked like he was the doctor who gave her an IV drip.

She obediently took care of it. When she was young, she was sick. When her mother took her to the hospital, she taught her that sick babies had to listen to the doctor. Sick babies who did not listen to the doctor would be captured by the devil, and that Devil’s name was the devil.

People were young and had a good body. After the two bottles of IV drip were injected, the fever subsided and her head did not feel dizzy. However, her body was still soft, but it was no longer a big deal.

The young male doctor saw that she was fine, so he gave her a few simple instructions and left with a big medical box.

“The president will be here after work in the afternoon. ” Lin Shanshan looked at her and politely said, “Miss Fang can rest here for a while. It’s about time for the president to get off work. ”

The secretary, Lin Shanshan, raised her wrist and looked at her watch. “There’s less than half an hour left. ”

“Okay, thank you. ” Fang Xiao softly thanked the secretary. Looking at her capable and calm expression, she could not help but think that if she went to look for a job in the future, she would also be a secretary. She did not know if she could be as capable as Lin Shanshan.

“Then I’ll be leaving first. ” Lin Shanshan saw that she was already fine, so she turned around and walked out of the door. When she reached the door, she turned back and said, “you lie down and rest for a while. ”

Fang Xiao did not lie down anymore. She went to the bathroom to use the toilet. Then, she briefly distanced herself from the mirror and used his shallow-toothed comb with buffalo horns.

In fact, his bathroom and bathroom were filled with the aura of a single man. There was not even a hint of femininity in it. Even the Shampoo and shower gel were used exclusively by men.

In the mirror, she had just recovered from a serious illness. Her skinny little face was getting Paler and Paler. She could not help but rub her face a few times, trying to make it blush. However, the more she rubbed, the Paler it became.

“Even if you rub off a layer of skin on your face, I don’t think you can have a face as beautiful as a peach blossom, ” a cold voice sounded from the bathroom door. In fact, she did not need to raise her head to know that it was him who had come over.

Didn’t Lin Shanshan say that there was still half an hour before she got off work It had only been fifteen minutes, but he had already arrived. It seemed that the CEO was different. He did not even have to follow the working hours.

“I always overestimate myself. ” She walked out of the bathroom, forgetting to wipe the water off her hands. She followed him to the hall outside.

He sat down on the Long Sofa and reached for a leather briefcase beside him. He unzipped it and took out a few thin pieces of paper and a cheque book.

“500,000. I’ll buy you for a year! ” Along with the cheque, there was a contract for selling her body. “sign it and we’ll be even after a year! ”

She used her trembling hands to pick up the A4 paper in front of her. The words ‘contract for selling her body’ stung her eyes so much that she could barely open them. Five years ago, she had never dreamed that such a day would come.