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Chapter 1658: Chapter 1658: the Smell of Fang Xiao


“Fang Xiao, get up, do you hear me? Are you pretending to be dead? ” Yun Heng was furious. This damn woman could fall asleep even after taking a bubble bath. Had she never taken a bubble bath before?

Fang Xiao was still lying in the bathtub, motionless. Her face was red, so strange that Yun Heng’s eyelids could not help but twitch. He immediately squatted down and reached out to grab her shoulder, pulling her out of the bathtub without any hesitation.

The originally Pale face was now suffused with a strange pink color. The heat of the skin on his body was so hot that it could burn people’s hands. It turned out that this woman had not fallen asleep, but had fainted.

Yun Heng’s heart was filled with melancholy. A sense of panic that he had not felt for a long time faintly emerged from the depths of his heart. It was like a thin hacksaw gently drawing across his heart. The pain was clearly not obvious.. But it was so clear that it was suffocating.

“Damn it, I don’t even know that I’m sick. ” He immediately bent down and picked up the woman who was about to fall into the bathtub. He pulled a towel over and wrapped it around him, then quickly ran to the bedroom.

He took out his phone and found a number. He quickly pressed the dial button, and after two rings, he was picked up He did not wait for the other party to say ‘hello’ and coldly said, “Liu Yanzheng, I don’t care where you are right now, even if you’re on a woman’s bed. Get up quickly and get your ass to my suite at the Heavenly Cloud pavilion. You have to be there in twenty minutes, not a minute more. Bring your simple first aid kit. ”

After he finished speaking, he did not wait for the other party to reply and immediately put away the line. He lowered his head and looked at the woman who was still wrapped in the towel on the big bed. He frowned slightly. In the end, he used the towel to simply wipe her, then pulled over the silk blanket and covered her.

Damn it, he didn’t even have a woman’s clothes here, and the thin pajamas were obviously not for her to wear. He had no choice but to walk into the bathroom again.

Fortunately, the clothes she had just changed into were still there. Fortunately, they were placed on the shelf next to her and were not wet by the water, so he quickly took them and walked into the bedroom again.

He threw his coat aside, put on the cloths and the little cutie for her, and also put on the undershirt for her. After everything was done, he used his hand to probe her forehead. It was still frighteningly hot, burning his palm.

Damn woman, she was already so sick that she didn’t even know to find a doctor to treat her before coming over. Could it be that she didn’t care about her dignity and even her life for 500,000 yuan?

If he didn’t go to the bathroom just now and just turned around and left, wouldn’t it be very difficult for others to find her in the bathroom Then, would she die in the bathtub just like that?

In the end, he didn’t even look at her and made a crime of rape and murder?

Yun Heng was shocked by his ridiculous idea. He couldn’t help but reach out to touch her face, which was flushed due to the fever. His fingertips finally stopped on her thin lips.

He remembered that five years ago, he liked kissing her slightly thick lips the most. He liked her soft lips the most, especially after she ate ice cream. He couldn’t help but kiss her He liked the taste of strawberry or chocolate saliva mixed in her mouth.

Whether it was strawberry or chocolate, under the dilution of her saliva, it could suddenly become another unique taste, a taste that was unique in this world, Fang Xiao’s taste.