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Chapter 1657: Chapter 1657 sleeping woman


As he thought of this, the pain in his heart had already flown into the clouds. He closed the door behind him and walked straight into the bedroom. In his mind, he thought about how seductive she looked in that thin nightgown WHAT KIND OF LOW-CLASS WOMAN!

However, when he stepped into the bedroom and looked at the luxurious bed, it was empty. There was not even a single piece of clothing on it, let alone a person.

What was going on Didn’t Lin Shanshan say an hour ago that she had taken her pajamas and walked into the bathroom Could it be that she could not wait, or did her last bit of backbone make her retreat?

Alright, she was already at this stage, but she still had a bit of backbone. Did he think highly of her?

As he thought of this, he could not help but feel a sense of disappointment. He turned around and went to the wine cabinet to get a glass and a bottle of wine. He then poured himself a glass and drank it in a slightly irritated manner.

It was only when he felt that his throat was a little spicy that he reacted. He picked up the bottle of wine in his hand and took a look. Oh, damn it. He clearly remembered that he had taken a bottle of LAFITE. Why was he holding a bottle of whiskey in his hand now?

Forget it. It was meaningless to drink alone. He had attended a banquet too late last night. Now he felt a little tired, so he instinctively got up and walked to the bathroom, thinking of a simple rush to cheer himself up and return to the company.

However, when he pushed open the bathroom door, he found that the bathtub was filled with bubbles. On the other side of the bathtub head, a black satin-like thing was scattered over the sparkling white ceramic bathtub, looking exceptionally enchanting.

Sh * T, he could not help but curse in his heart. He had clearly asked her to sell her body, but she had come to his place to enjoy herself. Moreover, it looked like she had actually fallen asleep in the bathtub.

He was extremely dissatisfied with her, but in the end, he still came to the side of the bathtub. He lowered his head to look at the woman in the bathtub and frowned slightly.

“Hey, Fang Xiao, wake up! ” He bent down and used his hand to shake her head, wanting to wake her up.

He was her financier. He wanted to spend 500,000 yuan to buy her. Since he was already here, wouldn’t a prostitute like her quickly get up and serve her financier?

However, the woman in the bathtub did not wake up, she was still sleeping soundly. Yun Heng’s face darkened slightly He could not help but use his hand to grab her hair and lightly pull it as he shouted, “Fang Xiao, did you hear me? Quickly get up, I will give you five minutes to prepare. I will go to the bed and wait for you. If I don’t wait for you, don’t blame me if I don’t buy you. ”

If Fang Xiao did not need money urgently, she would not have gone to the Royal Junjue hotel to sell her body. If she did not have nowhere else to go, she would not have called his secretary.

He wanted to use this to threaten her. This woman would definitely get up obediently for the 500,000 yuan. What, he could only give her 500,000 yuan now, right?

However, the facts proved that Yun Heng’s idea was wrong. Fang Xiao, who was in the bathtub, was pulled back by something. She was still lying there without moving. She was completely indifferent to his threat just now It was as if she didn’t hear him.

Her long hair hung down from the edge of the bathtub. It was pitch-black like a waterfall. Her Pale little face was slightly flushed. The water in the bathtub was almost out of heat, and her face was still flushed. This faintly revealed a bit of strangeness.