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Chapter 1656: Chapter 1656 was not worth anything


Xi Lingheng should not have come so soon, she thought. Didn’t Secretary Lin say that he was still taking care of things?

Since he would not come so soon, then she would stay here and soak herself in the bubbles, so that he would not find her dirty later.

I’ll just take a nap, she thought. Little did she know that this nap actually happened an hour later.

Dongfang Yunheng received a call from Lin Shanshan. When he knew that she had already reached the 39th floor of the Heavenly Cloud pavilion, he deliberately found something to dawdle about for almost an hour before he drove over.

In fact, he was very shocked to see her at the entrance of the Royal Junjue hotel that night. It was no less than seeing her being ravaged by three vagrants in the VIP room of the Windsor Hotel in Huicheng a month and a half ago.

That night, after sending her away, he immediately asked his assistant, Wu Jianping, to check her information. Only then did he know that she was the daughter of the Fang family in Huicheng. Only then did he know that the Fang family had actually gone bankrupt a month and a half ago, and she.. Had actually caused a scandal on the wedding day.

That night a month and a half ago, he did not stay in Huicheng. Instead, after leaving her room, he went downstairs to check out, and then drove straight back to Bincheng.

The next morning, he happened to have something to do in Hong Kong, so he flew to Hong Kong early in the morning. He only sent Gu Chenchen a text message saying that he had an urgent matter and could not accompany her to her cousin’s wedding, so he let her go alone.

He stayed in Hong Kong for three days, and then went to Melbourne, Australia. By the time he returned from a trip abroad, it was already ten days later.

He thought that Gu Chenchen would be angry at him for leaving without saying goodbye. He had already asked Lin Shanshan to buy a gift for her. Who knew that when Gu Chenchen received the gift from him, he would say, “My cousin’s wedding was not held. It was canceled on the same day. “.

He was not familiar with Gu Chenchen’s relatives, so he did not take her cousin’s wedding to heart. It was not until yesterday that he found out that the bride Gu Chenchen’s cousin was going to marry was Fang Xiao, the daughter of the Fang family.

He gave Fang Xiao a business card that night, thinking that she would call Lin Shanshan the next day, but she did not call the next day. He thought that she would not call again.

Who knew that this morning, as soon as he arrived at the company, Lin Shanshan told him that the girl named Fang Xiao had already called her, and she had already taken her to his private suite on the 39th floor of the Cloud Sky Pavilion according to his instructions yesterday.

Fang Xiao, the woman who had abandoned him in order to marry into a rich family, the woman who loved vanity, the woman who refused to stay no matter how much he begged her.

But now, she had to kneel under his trousers for a mere 500,000, and crawl into his bed for a mere 500,000 Let him humiliate her, let him trample on her!

This was clearly something that he had longed for for a long time. This was clearly something that he should be extremely happy and fortunate about. Why did his heart hurt so much when he thought of what was about to happen?

“Damn it! ” He could not help but curse softly in his heart when he swiped his card to open the door. Who was she, Fang Xiao Was she worth his heartache?

No, she was not worth it. A woman who had abandoned her love for the sake of marrying into a wealthy family, a woman who had once trampled on his dignity in the mud. Such a woman was only worth being humiliated, raped, and humiliated by him. Other than that.. She was not worth anything.