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Chapter 1654: Chapter 1654 wealth lies in heaven


This was the first time Dongfang Yunheng had ever found a woman in Bincheng. Therefore, when she heard Dongfang Yunheng’s instructions yesterday, she could not help but guess how beautiful this woman was Only then could she seduce a man like Dongfang Yunheng, who was ‘never touched by a flower’ , to break ranks for her.

However, the woman in front of her, who was called Fang Xiao, indeed made her somewhat disappointed. This was because this woman was obviously not as beautiful as Gu Chenchen, and her figure was not as good as Gu Chenchen’s.

As for skin, they were not on the same level.

With such a woman, what did she use to attract Dongfang Yunheng to stomp his feet for her To break through the ranks for her and look at her in a different light?

Fang Xiao only knew that Lin Shanshan was quietly sizing her up, but she did not know that Lin Shanshan was curious about her. She also did not know that Lin Shanshan was comparing her to Dongfang Yunheng’s real girlfriend.

The VIP elevator was very fast in the 39-story high-rise building. There were no passengers in the middle, so they arrived in a few minutes.

The 39th-floor high-rise building had a large suite at the end. Outside the bright floor-to-ceiling windows was a vast expanse of green mountains and rivers. Standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, one suddenly felt as if they were in the depths of the clouds.

It was indeed the Yunxiao pavilion. The name really lived up to its name!

Fang Xiao followed Lin Shanshan into the luxurious suite. Her gaze swept the surroundings, but she did not see Xi Lingheng.

“Miss Fang, our president came over after he had something to deal with. He asked you to wait for him here first. ”

“Oh, ” Fang Xiao replied.

“Miss Fang, the president asked you to shower and change first, ” Lin Shanshan said as she walked into the cloakroom and took out a piece of unwrapped clothing. “This is the pajamas I prepared for you. You can change into it after you shower. ”

The pajamas were made of white silk. It was as thin as a CICADA’s wings and the quality was top-notch. One did not even need to touch it to know that it was top-quality.

The design of the pajamas looked very conservative. It was modest but too thin. It was almost transparent, but it just so happened to expose its sexy and revealing side.

Fang Xiao frowned almost instinctively. She never thought that one day, Xi Lingheng would let her wear such a nightdress. She still remembered that he was the most conservative. He did not allow her to wear a suspenders skirt or hot pants in the past.

It had only been five years, but time had changed. The idiom “things change” had been vividly reflected on her and him.

The meaning he conveyed to her through the thin nightdress was very clear to her. For a moment, she froze and did not move. Her teeth bit the corner of her lips, and her hands could not help but curl her fingers under her sleeves.

Lin Shanshan glanced at her and reminded her lightly, “our CEO said that if Miss Fang can’t wait, you can leave first. He never forces anyone. ”

Fang Xiao took a deep breath. Her curled fingers were already clenched into fists, but the teeth that were biting the corner of her lips had already loosened. She said softly, “I can wait for him. I’m free today. ”

She picked up the perfectly packaged nightdress box with her hand and walked toward the bathroom with a smile. Since she was already here, she could not go back.

What was the saying again?

Life and death are determined by FATE AND WEALTH ARE DETERMINED BY HEAVEN She could not help but laugh at the thought. It seemed that this was another famous saying.

Five years ago, she never dreamed that one day, she and the poor boy Xi Lingheng, who had no food to eat, would be reversed. He was an eagle flying high in the sky, while she was a mud loach rolling in the mud.