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Chapter 1653: Chapter 1653 didn’t have a choice


Let alone a year, even half a year, or even half a month, wouldn’t be enough.

Walking out of the seemingly elegant teahouse in the daughter’s pavilion, it was actually a nightclub. It was already around midnight. At this time of night, it was very quiet, but in the daughter’s pavilion, there was another scene of blooming flowers.

The street at midnight was a little deserted, but it just so happened that it started to drizzle. The entire Binhai was shrouded in rain and fog, and even the constantly flashing neon lights seemed particularly hazy.

She stood by the roadside, shivering as she waited for a taxi. Fortunately, this was the downtown of Binhai City, and it was a bustling area. The taxi arrived in a few minutes, and she immediately got into the car.

The taxi driver, perhaps because he was lonely, turned on the car radio alone. After Fang Xiao got into the car, the radio was still ringing, and the voice of the midnight hostess of Binhai Radio Station was particularly emotional and seductive She was using her incomparably sexy voice to describe the sadness, helplessness, and sadness between men and women.

Fang Xiao, who had been exhausted all day, was not in the mood to listen to the midnight channel. She only hoped that the taxi would arrive at the third hospital earlier and that it would arrive early tomorrow.

Of course, 500,000 was not a small amount. In her current situation, other than Xi Lingheng who hated her to the core, who would be willing to pay such a price to buy her?

Not only that, she also thought that if Xi Lingheng knew that she was no longer a virgin, she did not know if he would still spend 500,000 to buy her?

As for her, should she tell him the truth? ? ?

Fang Xiao woke up the next morning with a headache. She knew that it was because she was caught in the rain last night. It had been half an hour’s walk from the West Mountain Villa to the bus stop, and it had been raining the whole time. She did not have an umbrella yet, so she walked through the rain.

In fact, she should rest under such circumstances, but she could not rest because her father could not wait. She had to buy the kidney supply today.

Therefore, after serving her father breakfast, she contacted the secretary on the business card. She had just reported her name, and the other party already knew her.

“Miss Fang, if you go to the Yunxiao Pavilion Hotel now, where will our president go? ” The secretary’s voice was polite and formal.

The Yunxiao Pavilion Hotel was the only six-star hotel in Binhai. It was a hotel owned by the Dongfang Group that had just opened last year. It was said that it was the new masterpiece of Dongfang Mo’s eldest son, Dongfang Yunheng.

When she arrived at the Yunxiao Pavilion Hotel, the person who came to pick her up was the secretary Lin Shanshan who had spoken to her on the phone.

Lin Shanshan’s hair was tied up with a net-like clip at the back. There was not even a fringe on her forehead, which gave people a sense of efficiency. After introducing herself to Fang Xiao, she led her to the VIP elevator.

“It’s on the 39th floor, the top floor of the Yunxiao pavilion. ” Lin Shanshan pressed the button on the 39th floor and gave a simple explanation to Fang Xiao. Her eyes secretly sized up the woman in front of her, Fang Xiao.

Dongfang Yunheng’s real girlfriend was Gu Chenchen, the daughter-in-law of the Dongfang family. In the past two years, it seemed that Dongfang Yunheng had never found another woman other than Gu Chenchen.

The Dongfang family had always been very strict with their upbringing, especially Mrs. Dongfang, Xi Muru. It was said that she disliked it the most when men were out partying, so no matter how the Dongfang brothers were abroad or how they were in other places, at least in Binhai.. They had always been the role models of the wealthy three generations, the favored son of Heaven that everyone praised.