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Chapter 1652: She could not wait for Chapter 1652


“Of course, when men come here, they are just looking for pleasure. Your task is to serve those stinky men well. When they are happy, they will naturally throw a lot of money to you. ”

Fang Xiao clenched her fists tightly. She used all her willpower to stabilize her body. She was really afraid that she would accidentally fall to the ground.

When she was studying in university, she had read about it in a magazine. It seemed that some rich man spent hundreds of thousands on maintaining his mistress every year. Similarly, there were gossipy people in the dormitory, and they would occasionally talk about social matters It was said that some men could spend hundreds of thousands of yuan on a high-class sex scene.

However, when she really arrived at this mysterious high-class sex scene, she realized that the real woman who could make a man spend more than 100,000 yuan a night was the original virgin, but she had already lost the capital to make a man spend thousands of yuan.

She met a stranger on the eve of the wedding. On the day of the wedding, Huicheng daily even published a photo of her. Even if this matter wasn’t published in Binhai’s newspaper, she believed that such a big event.. It was impossible for all the people in Binhai to not know about it.

Moreover, it depended on that layer of film. If that layer of film no longer existed, then it would be impossible to fake it.

In this so-called open era, many bold and unconstrained women boasted shamelessly that this was the era when women slept with men and not men sleeping with women. In fact.. The ancient and feudal thoughts were still deeply ingrained in men’s minds. They still cared very much about that layer of film of women.

If a young woman was in a place of debauchery, once she lost that layer of membrane, she would only have a lower price. Moreover, the price would probably fall by more than half.

Fang Xiao stood there and patiently listened to the lady boss’s speech. Finally, she mustered all her courage and asked, “lady boss, if I come here to work, can you pay me 500,000 in advance? ”

When the lady boss heard her words, she could not help but laugh. “The moment you entered, I could tell that you came to this place because you lacked money. It’s just that you outsiders think this place is too simple. Do you think this place can pick up gold? ”

When the lady boss said this, she shook her head and said, “Miss, 500,000 is not a small amount. Of course, I can’t say that you can’t earn 500,000 from me. If you are diligent, have a good temper, and can win the favor of your customers, you might be able to earn 500,000 in less than a year. But the premise is that I have to make a risk budget. What if you take the money and leave What if something happens to you before you receive two customers here Then wouldn’t the 500,000 that I gave you in advance be like a meat bun beating a dog?”

Fang Xiao immediately understood after hearing the lady boss’s words. The daughter’s pavilion, the most mysterious and expensive place in Bincheng, still needed to slowly pick up customers to earn money. It was impossible for the lady boss to give you hundreds of thousands of dollars as soon as you entered.

Moreover, The lady boss of the daughter’s pavilion was so smart that it was impossible for her to give her money in advance.

Of course, in the lady boss’s words, as long as she was willing to work here, as long as she sincerely went to learn from the girls here, 500,000 dollars could still be earned back. However, the key point was that her father, Fang Anbang, could no longer wait.

Let alone a year, even half a year, or even half a month, could not afford to wait.